Despite pharmaceutical companies and University scientists spending millions of dollars every year in cutting edge type 2 diabetes treatments, an old-school food surpasses them all: the lowly bean.

That’s right, a diet high in legumes is a must if you’re looking to reverse diabetes. While beans may not get the press reviews that new type 2 diabetes drugs receive, their ability to fight and help reverse diabetes rivals any drug.

Here’s why you should start including beans in your daily diet:

Stop Blood Sugar Spikes: Beans contain an incredible amount of soluble fiber… a nutrient that binds to the carbs in your meal. Because the soluble fiber grabs the carbs you just ate, your body has a harder time absorbing them. This means that your pancreas can handle the absorbed carbs with ease.

Drops Cholesterol: High cholesterol and diabetes are often found together. Fortunately, the same soluble fiber that keeps blood sugar levels in check also lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. When soluble fiber isn’t sticking to carbs, it’s grabbing the cholesterol in your intestine and blocking its re-absorption by your body. The result? According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a 25% reduction in bad cholesterol.

Combats Appetite: Worried that you won’t be able to control yourself when confronted with the dessert menu? Look no further than a bean-based meal to keep your appetite in check. Research shows that people who eat one cup of beans per day are more full and satiated throughout the day.

Lowers Weight: Best of all, beans can help you drop pounds or kilograms. Studies show that people who eat beans while cutting calories or kilojoules, lose more weight than those who simply eat less.

Antioxidant Power: When it comes to antioxidants, it seems that “superfoods” like acai berry gets all the attention. That’s unfortunate, because beans like red beans and black beans actually contain more heart-protecting antioxidants than most fruits.

Eat Beans, Reverse Diabetes:

Many people find it challenging to include beans into their diet. Here are some tips to make the transition from “bean-less” to “bean-crazy” a seamless one:

Go Canned: While dry beans are dirt cheap, they’re fairly high-maintenance. Canned beans on the other hand are almost instantly ready to go after opening. Be sure to thoroughly wash them to remove added salt.

Soups: From chili to split bean soup, beans are a natural addition to any soup.

Salads: Instead of adding chicken to that salad, add a few handfuls of beans. You wil get the protein you’re looking for along with the benefits that only beans can provide.

Pasta: Beans go great with whole wheat or veggie-based pasta dishes.

You may not be used to eating beans, but by setting the simple goal of eating two handfuls per day, you will see tremendous differences in your weight, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.

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