The short answer is as much as you need to. The beauty of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping is:

  1. It always works.
  2. You can never over tap.
  3. Once you have cleared all your negative stuff you can tap on your positive feelings and for what you are thankful for. You don’t have to wait for this, but most of us do.

You should use EFT continually since as you change, so does your environment, your results and therefore your emotional responses to events and people.

When doing tapping and EFT, you initially take your emotional intensity score on a 1-10 basis.

10 – You are carrying your negative emotion around with you. It is like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

1 – It, whenever your negative emotion is doesn’t affect you at all.

With Emotional Freedom Techniques, you are always wanting to get your emotional intensity level down to the 2 and 1s. Ideally you want to hit the zeros.

This question often comes up because, you’ll be tapping and nothing seems to be shifting and you’re getting no closer to the 2s and 1s.

Yes, you can keep tapping on the same emotion and eventually it will go down to the 2s and 1s. Why? You be tapping with different triggers in your environment when you constantly tap. Your day, time, space would be different. At the exact point when you are tapping, you are really tuned into what you are feeling and just like magic it clears up as you want it to.

If things are not clearing up, look closer at how and what you are tapping on.

Are you doing full and complete rounds of tapping?

Are you starting off with the set-up phrase and tapping on the karate chop point?

Are you tuned into your problem and emotion?

If you are tapping on the subsequent rounds are you changing your set-up phrase to:

Even though I have this remaining…


Even though I still have this…

Are you really describing what you are feeling? How many more ways could you describe it? Look what you are feeling up in a dictionary or thesaurus.

Change your environment when you tap for this particular issue, there maybe something in your environment which is stopping your from clearing that final piece.

If in doubt, take a break. Do something else. Something that you really enjoy doing. Something that will really take your mind off things. Before you know it you’ll have inspiration to tap on another word, phrase or take some other action all together.

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