The secret to avoiding bottling up of emotions is, knowing how to effectively communicate with them. It does not matter whether the emotions are positive or negative. However, it can be slightly challenging to establish efficient communication when one is overcome by emotions. To make certain that one’s emotion-associated communication is efficient, it is important to involve a tad bit of preparation.

This article discusses into detail tips on now to effectively communicate with your feelings when overwhelmed by emotions.

Give yourself time to calm down. In a situation where you find yourself overpowered by sadness or happiness, chances are that you will be more than eager to talk to someone in regards to your feelings. Nonetheless, this is not a wise move. In order to communicate effectively with your feelings, you need to give yourself time to calm down. This is because your amplified feelings can cause you to say or do something which you may regret at a later date.

Plan your opinions. Prior to talking to someone about your feelings, it is important that you be able to comprehend yourself. Journaling your thoughts will assist you in trying to understanding these emotions. If you have a sheet of paper, jot down these feelings immediately. Since they are still fresh in your mind, it is best not to wait. Thereafter, try to explain to yourself why these emotions are overwhelming your thoughts. If these feelings are negative, try as much as possible to determine the best way to stop them.

Come up with “I” declarations. Beneath your notes, jot down numerous statements which start with “I”. A lot of emphasis ought to be placed as to why you are experiencing these emotions and the triggers of these emotions. For instance, in case you are mad with someone who is close to you, begin the statement as “I feel as if I was not consulted.”

Choose an appropriate timing. Prior to communication your feelings, make certain that the timing for communication these emotions is an appropriate one. Choose a secluded location and a huge chunk of time to make certain that you the opportunity to investigate your emotions rather than hurrying over your thought process.

Talk to someone about your feelings. Once you have gone through your thought process, the next step is to let them out. While expressing your feelings, try as much as possible to remain levelheaded. Use the “I” statements you wrote earlier to communicate these feelings.

Learning how to express one’s emotions can greatly assist in preventing hurtful words or actions that commonly uttered or done when one is overpowered by feelings.

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