Let me ask you all a question, what pills do you take every morning or evening of your life? Well, if any of these pills include antidepressants, calmatives, sleeping pills or dietary tabs, chances are that you might be closer to becoming a victim of substance abuse than the kid who just bought a baggy of weed to get high on the weekend.

The fact of the matter is that substance abuse is not limited to the use of street drugs and in many ways, the abuse of these types of medication is surpassing the abuse of street drugs. More and more people are following the norm and simply taking prescription medication because it is under the doctors orders without ever really taking the time to find out about the addictiveness and side effects of these medications.

It all comes back to being able to easily find the fault in others when we are not willing to take responsibility for our own lives. It is easy to criticize someone using heroin and to blame their family for where they are, while back at the ranch many of us are setting our own children up for substance abuse problems down the road by allowing them to be put onto scheduled medication for any reason whatsoever.

Now, this might sound harsh and come across a bit strongly, but these are the facts when it comes to the world of substance abuse. The world of addiction and abuse is not one which can be lined with nice words and comforting sympathy, it is a world which needs to be seen for what it is and handled accordingly.

So maybe it is time we all sat back and did a bit of stock taking so far as responsibility goes and that we begin to realize the role we play in the world of substance abuse when it comes to our own children and ourselves. It is very easy to see the fault in others and to point it out, but are you willing to do the same with your own life?

Substance abuse is a very real problem, one which needs even more attention now that so many of our youngsters are being treated with highly scheduled and addictive medications for any reason under the sun, this is my opinion anyway. I know that as a recovering junkie, I can trace a lot of my addictive nature and habits back to the depression and calmative medication which I was on.

So take it from whence it comes, I am nothing more than a recovering junkie who has been clean of heroin addiction for more than ten years now, so perhaps I know nothing about substance abuse, or do I. How many of you fear your child falling prey to heroin addiction? How many of you are suffering because of a child who is addicted to street drugs?

Perhaps I understand substance abuse far better than most because I have been there and survived? The choice is yours, but irrespective of what you might think of me, give your own child a chance and educate yourself as to the true meaning of substance abuse and where the foundation for it begins to be laid, it might just be far closer to home than you think!

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