Do you feel you can’t or are not good at learning a foreign language?

I know how you feel. I love to travel, yet being thrust into a land were the alphabet is not English, the food is not mine and the culture is so far from what I know. You need to learn even some basic words just to get around. It’s quite scary to walk into a chemist and see nothing but bright colors. Hoping you don’t pick up the wrong type of medicine.

Are you afraid to learn in case you get it wrong? It doesn’t have to be like that you for you anymore.

There is a super technique which can help you overcome your own fears and emotional blocks to learning any other language.

What is the technique?

It is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Language Learning

EFT will not do the learning for you, but you can use EFT to overcome your bad past school experiences. Do you say to yourself, well I was never very good at languages at school? You’ve left school now things are different, yet you still feel as if you’re sat in the classroom learning.


When in a foreign country, the first few days you can be really shy and scared. With EFT, you can notice each time you’re shy and tap on that. You’ll then start to feel more at ease being in your new place.

Fear of Failure – Perfection

If you don’t try and speak the local language, how do you expect to get any better? New language learners are petrified of getting it wrong, being laughed at or worse of all, not being understood. EFT can really help you overcome your need to be perfect. EFT really is the perfect language feedback tool for how you are doing. The locals more often than not are so pleased that you are trying to learn their language and not just speak louder in English.

Cultural Differences

One of the best ways to learn any language is to go and live in the country, whose language you are trying to learn. This will bring up a whole heap of emotions that you didn’t know you had. They include “being your nationality”, living away from home, surviving, meeting new people etc. All of these ‘fears’ can easily be resolved and dissolved with EFT.

You may not remember or know this, but you were not born speaking English perfectly. Yes, hard to imagine.

Learning another language is no different. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques, you can easily overcome your own personal blocks to learning any foreign language.

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