This review of Repcillin Natural Crocodile Skin Treatment includes an honest first hand opinion of this eczema and dermatitis treatment from someone who has used the product. This review is the view of the ointment from someone who has suffered from eczema all their life and has used many treatments to overcome their skin problems. Read on to find out if this product can help you to cure your skin ailments.

Repcillin is quickly sweeping over the world as a natural alternative to steroids in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and other skin problems. It reports to be being able to be used for any age group from young babies, infants, teens, adults and the elderly.

Repcillin Balm contains 18% Crocodile Oil, Crocodylus niloticus, which is the ingredient that gives this treatment it’s potency. Crocodile Oil is a powerful natural anti-septic and anti-inflamatory. As the name suggests crocodile oil is extracted from crocodiles.

I first used Repcillin after suffering eczema for over twenty-five years. I had used steroid creams and lotions almost my whole life to keep flare ups and outbreaks at bay. When I first used Repcillin I was dubious about why a natural balm could cure my eczema when modern powerful drugs had not managed in such a long time.

I was pleasantly surprised when the first day after using this treatment my eczema started to calm noticeably. The itchy feeling was gone my skin felt smooth though still looked red and the discomfort of the eczema was elevated. I continued to use the treatment and within one week my eczema was all but gone. My skin was almost completely healed and the itch and discomfort were completely banished. I was astounded at the results and when I discussed this with my doctor he was similarly impressed. Although he had read in medical journals about the effects crocodile oil can have on damaged and diseased skin he had never seen the results for himself and was very satisfied with the results.

As a warning I do not say I am cured of eczema, I still suffer from occasional flare ups. I do not believe this balm will completely cure any skin condition, but when I do suffer relapses I always treat with Repcillin and the flare up is eradicated within a few days.

Crocodile oil is thought to be an important drug for the future and many dollars are being spent each year in research on this powerful cure for skin ailments. It is believed the oil may even be used in the defence against the spread of MRSA which is a bacterium responsible for many nasty infections.

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