If you have already figured out the secret to permanent penis enlargement this simply means that you have chosen an enlargement exercise and you are already on your way to seeing results. However if you need more complicated routines for maximum effectiveness here are some tips.

If you are at the intermediate level of your penis exercises this means that you have been consistently doing them for a long period of time, if you are your routine should look something like this. The exercise you have chosen should be for at least 10- 25 minutes per day, at least three days per week.

The routine must incorporate a 1-3 minute warm up session to prepare the body for the challenges of the exercise and to increase your blood flow. If you have chosen the jelq method which is one of the most popular forms of penis exercise then you should spend at least 10 minutes on the actual exercise.

The penis must be semi erect before you can begin. You may need to lather the penis with a lubricant, make the OK sign with the thumb and forefinger and grasp the base of the penis then move the OK sign up and down in a ‘milking’ motion. When the hand makes contact with the head of the penis, use the other hand to make an OK sign and start the milking motion again, you should be able to alternately use both hands to carry out this exercise. When doing this be careful not to milk the head of the penis. Beginners can do up to 100 jelqs per session for the first week and add an additional 100 jelqs each week.

Some men at this level may be combining two or more exercises at a time; these will take another 5 minutes, if your chosen method is the dry milking this is what entails.

This exercise must be performed when the penis is semi erect, in order to get the penis in this state, gently pull the penis outwards until you get the desired effect, you are now free to begin. Form an OK sign with your forefinger and thumb, grasp the base of the penis and pull halfway down on the penis, slide the hand back to the base of the penis and repeat the exercise. Do this for about 20 seconds.

The next step is to work the middle part of the penis shaft, form the OK sign again only this time grasp the middle of the penis and move the OK sign up and down for 20 seconds. Do not allow the penis to become erect, if there are signs that this is about to happen simply pause the exercise or squeeze the head of the penis until the erection has subsided.

There are other variations to this penis exercise, lie in bed and bed your knees, next pull your penis first towards the left leg and then towards the right leg. You can also work the root of your penis by using your forefinger and your thumb to grasp the base of your penis and pulling as far as possible without inflicting pain. Repeat the exercise for 3-5 minutes each day.

After the sessions are complete there should be a 1-3 minute cool down period to bring the heart rate back down to its normal rate. Remember that when performing these exercises you should always listen to your body, if you begin to feel any form of pain take a break and give the body time to heal.

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