Stress, Anxiety and the ‘tapping’ therapies

What is stress and anxiety? How does it affect you? It is a common and normal fact of life that no matter who we are, where we live or how old we are most of us experience some form of stress and anxiety throughout our daily lives. Be it work pressures and deadlines, getting the kids to school on time or some memory that continues to bother us.

Stress and anxiety affects us all to one degree or another. Some people even say they need an element of stress in their lives, to motivate them to take action, to give them an edge, to work on something or to perform better.

Whilst a certain amount of stress is fine, and in-fact probably beneficial to protect or motivate us to take action, it can sometimes be too much and too relentless. Even to the point where it no longer stimulates us to take action but in-fact brings about fear or stagnates us, leading to in-action and procrastination.

Stress and anxiety has huge effects on our lives, it can lead us to drink, makes us gain weight, smoke, quit our jobs, fight with a loved one, feel depressed, perform poorly, or lack general motivation and energy and creates aches, pains and muscular tension.

How does stress and anxiety affect your life?

Apart from the emotional and psychological effects of stress it has been shown to greatly affect us physiologically too. It is estimated that 75% of all doctors visits are due to stress related ailments.

Stress and anxiety affects the immune system and can often influence the onset of, or the susceptibility to illness and disease. It can also affect the progression of illness or disease, and of course can greatly affect recovery time.

It affects the heart, increases the risk of coronary artery disease, elevates blood pressure, increases atherosclerosis, increases the risk of myocardial infarction, increases the risk of diabetes and increases the likelihood of obesity.

Stress has been linked to:



breakdown in the immune system

auto-immune diseases

alcohol and substance abuse

cardiovascular disease

Therefore as you can see stress plays a major part in both our emotional and physical health.

‘There’s a strong connection between emotions and health’ Dr. Joseph Mercola – New York Times Best-selling author ‘No Grain Diet’

Baby shampoo of therapies!

TFT, EFT and QEPR – the baby shampoo of therapies? A client of mine once called them this after I reduced the sadness around the loss of a loved one, noting the ‘tapping’ was a very simple and effective technique that was both gentle, safe and tearless!

According to Dawson Church Ph.D author of ‘Genie in Your Genes’ – ‘This (EFT) maybe the most important new therapy to arrive in both medicine and psychology for a century’

As you will notice when you visit a practitioner or use them yourself, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and QEPR (Quantum Emotional and Physical Release) are simply to apply techniques that quickly relax you. They will help to reduce any stress or anxiety easily from your life, and because they can easily be self-applied they’re extremely convenient being available for you to use day and night, whenever and wherever you need them! You will be in control of your own emotional well-being, benefiting not only you but all those around you.

However, by using the techniques mentioned will no longer have to exclusively rely on time consuming and expensive therapies or countless medications for help, and it doesn’t take years, days, even hours of practice to be able to gain substantial emotional relief.

‘Your sub-conscious mind needs to get re-programmed’ Jack Canfield Co-creator ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and featured in the hit movie ‘ The Secret’

Proven Effective

I am always very excited and passionate whenever I have the opportunity to talk or write about TFT, EFT or QEPR. Not only because they are techniques that can safely reduce or as in most cases completely eliminate a wide range of emotional or psychological problems from fears and phobias to general stress, anxiety, worry and grief, but because they are generally so easily learned and have been proven effective on many thousands of people’s problems worldwide from doctors, and top CEO’s to movie stars and sports personalities.

I know in this ever increasing fast paced life of ours there are many demands on our time and we want things easier, quicker and cheaper, and this is what makes these modalities stand apart from most other techniques. They are immediately accessible wherever you are, and when self-applied at no cost.

Therefore, it is my wish with a series of easy to read and understand books and videos to make TFT, EFT and QEPR as simple and straightforward as possible, so that you can within a very short time start gaining relief on any emotional problem you may be facing.

‘EFT is the best thing I’ve found – hands down!’ Dr. Eric B. Robins M.D

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