I was a binge eater for over 20 years. 

For me binge eating meant that I ate WAY PAST the comfortable place of feeling full – eating to the point of pain sometimes after eating so much food.

Binge eating was a frenzied hectic behavior for me – where food became the primary focus and everything else was ignored. A binge might last from 1 – 4 hours and during that time everything – even the food would become a blur. The only thing on my mind was eating another bite of something I considered a “forbidden” food such as chocolate, or caramel, or high calorie full fat haagen dazs ice cream, or deep dish pizza, or potato chips, or nachos with loads of cheese.

If you are wondering if you might be a binge eater answer the following questions:

Do you choose to eat when you are not hungry?

Do you overeat or binge on food when you feel stressed out?

Do you binge on food when you are bored?

Do you eat food as a form of comfort?

Do you eat way past the point of comfortable fullness?

Do you hide food wrappers so no one will see what you have eaten?

Do you eat alone so that no one can see the food you consume?

Do you feel bad or guilty after bingeing?

Do you eat when you are not hungry?

Do you feel compulsive about eating? Like you are driven to eat ALL of something – like an entire box of chocolates or a whole container of ice cream?

Do you feel like you are always thinking about food?

Do you plan for and look forward to times when you can eat all by yourself?

Do you hide food?

Do you eat like a normal person when you are with others and then binge in private?

Do you plan binges and go on special shopping trips to the grocery store with the sole purpose of getting special forbidden “binge” foods?

Are you concerned that you are out of control with food?

Do you eat to escape from your daily pressures?

Do you find that dieting never really works for you and that it causes you to binge even more?

Are you miserable about your relationship with food?

Do you feel like your food problems control your life?

Does your weight have an overall negative effect on your life?

If you answered yes to three or more of these statements there is a good chance that you either have trouble with binge eating or you are well on your way to creating a binge eating or emotional overeating problem in your life.

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