Zetox for Detox…

Zetox is a brand new supplement that is getting a little press these days. People want to know exactly what Zetox is, and whether it is worth spending money on. I have looked closely at this supplement and here is what I have found.

Zetox, it is claimed, will clean your body’s cells of the toxic metals and chemicals that have accumulated, in just a few drops twice a day. When you take Zetox, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from the nasty effects that our toxic environment can have on our bodies!

Here are Some of the Benefits of Detoxification with Zetox:

  • Remove heavy metals and toxins from the body without side effects
  • Naturally increase overall energy
  • Increase oxygen in the blood flow which helps transport the Zetox throughout the body more efficiently giving a more complete detox
  • Balance the body’s pH to a healthy normal slightly alkaline level (foreign cells can’t survive in a balanced pH environment).
  • Help the body absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently
  • Inhibit cell mutation to improve the body’s resistance to diseases
  • Help fight off the free radicals in the body that can damage the cell membranes and accelerate the aging process
  • Support bone health
  • Support cardiovascular function and inflammatory response and maintains integrity of entire cardiometabolic system
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Improve metabolic function
  • Diminish toxic buildup

Pollution… Food preservatives and additives… Heavy metals like lead in water… Mercury in fish… Radioactive Dust… Every day you hear new stories about the toxic world we live in. Apparently there are 700 new chemicals developed in the United States alone, and they are not tested for toxicity. No one is immune to the onslaught. We do not live in a bubble, and there is no pristine place left on earth.

There is very little you can do to lessen your exposure. You can eat organic food and filtered water, keep an air purifier running in your home. You can do other things to help clean the immediate environment that you live in, but you can not do anything about the exhaust fumes, factory run off, coal dust, lead paint, or any of the hundreds of thousands of toxins that exist in our environment. You can’t completely clean the outside…

Zetox Cleans Inside

Zetox is a new, unique supplement. It detoxifies your cells. You may have heard of detoxification methods in the past. Detox has never been easy or pleasant. It has often involved restrictive diets, or messy, uncomfortable treatments. Those detox methods still almost never clean out the body’s cells. Mostly they work in the digestive tract, flushing out solids.

Zetox works at a cellular level, cleaning out heavy metals and toxins from deep within your body.

ZEOLITE- The Magic Ingredient

The Zetox special ingredient is a mineral called zeolite. This is what gives Zetox its seemingly magical powers.

The zeolite mineral forms when molten lava from a volcano meets sea water and cools rapidly. It forms a crystalline structure that has a negative charge, and attracts heavy metals and toxins.

The zeolite in Zetox has been called “Nature’s Detoxifier”

When you take a zeolite supplement like Zetox, it enters the body through the intestinal wall, and it travels through your body in the blood stream. Whenever it passes by metals like mercury, foreign chemicals, viral particles or other things that shouldn’t be there, it attracts that particle like a magnet, sucking it deep within the cage-like structure, and then exiting the body with the poisons in tow.

I think supplements like Zetox will become very important in our quest for health.

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