A common question from EFT newcomers is about reactions to EFT like yawning, sighing, giggles, tears, burps, and laughter. Yawning can be a particularly confusing reaction, as we connect it to tiredness, boredom, and exhaustion. For some tapping newbies, it may be alarming to yawn, especially if the person has a tiring physical or emotional condition. It may feel like a warning sign that they are about to get worse rather than better. Fortunately, nothing can be further than the truth.

A yawn or similar reaction simply means your energy is rebalancing. So something is definitely happening for you. Do not try to suppress yawns, tears, laughter, giggles, burps, etc, whilst you tap. These are releases that happen when your energy rebalances about any particular subject. This is very good. Sometimes, you may yawn more than usual. This means that there was a big shift.

The yawn is so powerful at helping you move forward that there is a whole meridian healing technique based on EFT and yawning. This is called FREEWAY-CER. It is short for Fast Release Entrapped Emotions With A Yawn – Change Energy Routine. Note the “with a yawn”. In other words, your naturally-occurring yawn with EFT is something that others spend good time and money to learn! You can certainly view it as a great gift. How wonderful is that?!

To recap, 3 things a yawn during EFT is not:

  1. A sign of tiredness;
  2. A sign of boredom;
  3. Anything to worry about or try to suppress.

And these are the 3 main things a yawn during EFT actually is:

  1. A release;
  2. A sign that your energy is rebalancing for the better;
  3. A great gift to cherish and develop.

If you do not yawn yourself when you do EFT, there are two explanations why this does not happen with you. First and most importantly, every one of us has a different body that reacts in a way that is unique and right for us. Some people yawn, others burp or have other ways of releasing. And all are totally and equally valid. The second reason, if you do not have any bodily reaction to EFT at all, is that it can take time for some of us to flow with the energy. In that case, simply take your time and tap more often. You will soon find yourself experiencing the releases you see in others or hear about.

And whether accompanied by yawns or not, enjoy your EFT journey to health, success, and happiness!

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