Though sub-Saharan Africa continues to fight the battle of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS , TUBERCULOSIS AND MALARIA and with all the international effort geared towards this diseases and with progresses made in different countries,Subsaharan Africa is heading into a different epidemic ,this time of cardiovascular diseases.Recent statistics have shown that cardiovascular diseases will become the number one cause of death in developing country within the next 10 to 15 years ,but it may well be that sub-Saharan Africa is is already in an epidemic,since there are no data to determine the magnitude and burden of the disease, the distribution amongst the population of cardiovascular diseases.

When sub-Saharan Africa is bogged down on its fight to win the battle of communicable disease, little attention if any is given to chronic and non communicable disease, mered with competition from other social and health programmes. This brings us to why the world is watching and a looming epidemic is about to sweep through susbsaharan Africa ,simply because cardiovascular disease has no face ,It does not paint a face of despair,an adult male wasted as a result of Tuberculosis , a child malnourished from being an orphan having lost mom from Aids.

those are the faces floated , that have lead to massive programmes and funding. Cardiovascular disease use to be a disease of the affluence ,but not anymore, with increasing GDP in this countries is accompanied with increasing waist line , with women being empowered come to changes In lifestyles resulting to new and emerging risk factors. Just as some may suggest, Africa has a lot to worry than good quality research,but without it one may not know the best way to tackle this problem. There has been enough talk without enough action ,this is the time to devote resources to this disease without a face that will deprive sub-saharan Africa of the needed work force, leave families shattered as their loved ones passes on suddenly and above all sub-saharan Africa will be in double jeopardy.

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