The modern world is where the human being has mastered one art above all others to perfection. Being sedentary, spending hours sitting, whether it be whilst driving, at work, watching television or eating meals.

Movement to our ancestors was a necessary part of survival, yet today it is optional or discarded totally. Due to this growing phenomenon the human body has to pay a price.

A global epidemic of gross obesity. Look around at the ‘flabby people’ with their bodies pushed and pulled in all directions. Sadly this includes children, yet they cannot be blamed, for in this case it is the sins of the fathers(and mothers) in feeding them the WRONG food. Do you feel guilty yet? You should!

Take a look at it from the muscular skeletal aspect. When muscles are not properly engaged in vigorous exercise, they become weaker. All of that affects the bodies capacity to work efficiently. In time this will translate to the bones too. Bones also need physical activity in order to keep them strong. If you choose to ignore this, it will lead to the strong possibility of osteoporosis in later life. Exercise is not just for the young, but for everyone. Daily exercise, as little as 30 minutes for the rest of ones life. The benefits are immense, allowing a better quality of life.

Today humans are full of excuses, why they cannot exercise. Not enough time. Too tired after work, etc, etc. Put aside those prejudices and take a fresh look at exercise. Make a commitment to a plan of action 5 days out of 7. Have you got what it takes? Then choose a programme that suits you. A good time to exercise is first thing in a morning, such a peaceful and delightful time. Get up an hour earlier than normal.

If you need company get others involved or join a gym, but only if you make a promise to yourself to keep it up.To learn more about the necessity of exercise visit “Nutrition and Diet Planner.”

The masses are suffering from inertia, a disposition to remain inactive or inert. What will it take I wonder to get adults and children motivated to move their bodies and bring them alert and in tune to the world around them?

Seriously, daily exercise will bring you alive, you will be full of energy, have vitality, and a lean body mass. Which by the way does not mean you have to kill yourself to get down to a 6,8 or 10, for quite simply we are not always meant to be that small. Exercise itself will take you to where your own body mass says it should be.

Don’t carry on seeing your legs getting more flabby, your stomach wobbling around as though it has a will of its own. Upper arms jiggle. Time for action.

Daily exercise prevents disease. Please understand that your body was born to move, it craves the exercise, which you are denying it. Have longevity, improve your appearance with fitness and good health.

Exercise or be in the front of the queue, when it comes to heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. A much shorter lifespan. There are so many different types of exercise to choose from, there is one waiting for you, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi.

Aerobic exercise – for a healthy heart, this activity uses oxygen, raises heart rate and makes you slightly breathless. Combine this with healthy eating and you surely will be on the right track of sustained weightloss.

Strength (resistance) exercise, which includes strength training in your exercise programme, may help improve posture and give your body a more toned look. Muscle burns more calories than inactive tissue even when you are resting.

Flexibility exercise stretches the muscles, if you don’t do this on a regular basis, muscles are in danger of becoming shorter and less elastic. Should this occur it will reduce how much you can move your joints and will increase stiffness. Aim to do some flexibility exercises for a few minutes a day, this will stretch all the major muscles in your upper and lower body.

Note: Make sure you do your own research before you begin a daily exercise regime.

Nutrition and Diet Planner suggest that you start an exercise regime and continue five days out of seven for six months solid. We guarantee that you will never go back to being a sedentary big person ever again!

Benefits include improving stamina,strengthening and toning, enhanced flexibility and weight management.

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