Many people, be it your dentist or orthodontist or simply people around you, all put a lot of emphasis on having straight teeth. Sometimes we believe that having aligned teeth is only for aesthetic purposes. However, sometimes braces are necessary for particular dental problems and also for cosmetic purposes. If you are one of those people who are tired of hearing about how they need to get braces, we are here to tell you whether you need orthodontic treatment or not. We are also here to tell you about how it can really help you.

How long does it take for teeth to be aligned?

There is no fixed period in which the teeth get aligned. The time taken for alignment is dependent on various factors. Age of the person, kind of braces, skills and expertise of the dentist and how well the patient can follow the given instructions, all add to the time taken for teeth to straighten. With advancement, there are various straightening methods that you can choose from. Usually, it takes about six to eight months to deal with mild orthodontic problems like spacing or minor crowding. However, if you have moderate to severe orthodontic issues then it can take about 18 – 24 months for it to be treated. During your consultation, the orthodontic will provide you with an idea of how long it will take for your teeth to be aligned.

Is it compulsory to have aligned teeth?

Our teeth help us to eat and speak and also have an aesthetic value attached to them. When the teeth are extremely crooked and misaligned, then it can cause great difficulty in eating and speech. This can further cause health problems like malnutrition and weakness. Hence, it is crucial to undergo an orthodontic treatment when you have misaligned teeth. Having aligned teeth will help you to use your teeth to their fullest potential and also have a significant positive impact on your aesthetics.

Do the braces impact the facial structure?

The facial appearance like our smile is dependent on various factors like the structure of the bone, skin muscle activity and how our teeth are when we close our mouth. When the teeth are misaligned, they impact the skin muscles and jaw joints. This further impacts our facial appearance. Those who have facial flaws because of improper alignment have a lot to gain from the braces. The braces will help to align the teeth, which in turn will help you to make the best out of your facial appearance and smile.

Does the treatment make the teeth weak?

Braces are an extremely safe treatment option, especially when you have an experienced and qualified dentist by your side. Braces work by moving your teeth by creating pressure. This helps to remodel the bone around the teeth and move them in the desired direction. The pressure helps to make them mobile during the treatment. However, the teeth remain firmly in place they and the treatment don’t make the teeth weak.

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