A skin issue mostly appears easy to examine but it has several incisions that you do not know about. For example, a scar is normally such as after an accident. And most scars grow just minutely within the skin and are not deep. However, there is a scar that grows out of the skin to an extent that it can be enlarged in diverse shapes.

It can look like a scar snake that is thicker and wider but narrower alongside. Such scar tissue on the skin is known as Keloids Scars or Keloids. This skin issue is the point of discussion and you can have a favorable read with us. 

Keloids or Keloid Scars 

Both the names justify the issue at hand and you can examine them without much distress. Keloid scars are the outcomes whereas keloids are the disease. Such scars grow abnormally in the sense that they grow narrowly along the skin. Thus, their development is immense and people get a worsening presentation of their skin.

Everyone suggests that keloid scars are not harmful but it is the mental distress that causes them to worsen your health. A person suffering from firm keloid scars usually cannot hide them since they grow in areas that you wish they did not grow on. For this, such scars are what people want to treat first. 

Keloid Scars Symptoms 

Every disease grows from the symptoms and if you understand them, there is a chance that you will understand their intensity. Keloid scars are disturbing to view for longer. And the places where they grow are exposed. Thus, a person cannot feel warm or okay with these developing scars. Here are the symptoms of keloid scars. 

  • The scarring is thicker alongside irregular, usually extending out of the skin 
  • Shiny and raised skin that is lumpy and hairless 
  • Their size is constantly varying. It also depends on the type of injury that results in these scars and also when the keloid stops growing. 
  • The texture also varies such as changing from soft to rubbery and firmer in-between.
  • Itchiness is a common factor that disturbs a person with keloid scars.
  • Discomfort is often considered a result of keloid scars.

When you Must Visit a Doctor? 

While you are suffering from keloid scars or are about to get tangled in them, you need to understand that seeing a doctor early is a necessity. It also means that once you contact your doctor earlier, you will find good medications that can at least stop the scars from growing.

In addition to this, some keloid scars are nothing but an extended skin issue that you are suffering from for longer. For them, you will need to consult a skin specialist since they can ideally deal with a skin issue favorably. 

Suggested Treatment Plan by Professionals for Keloid Scars 

Dermatologists have devised a good treatment plan for treating keloid scars and you can follow the guide for results quicker than normal or later. 

  • Injection of Corticosteroids

Keloids turn from softer to firmer in no time and this is when they begin to itch and cause pain for the patients. Injections of corticosteroids help to treat keloid scars by softening them, thus making them easier to treat further. These injections also have a good percentage of around 50% positivity but it is necessary to get it done from a professional like Rejuvence Clinic who treat the keloids with steroid injections in London. Moreover, you can also return for these injections once every three to four weeks but considering the severity, you can you might have to return for more injections. 

  • Surgical Removal of Keloids 

If softening your keloid scars is not the solution that eases your troubles, then you need another vigorous form of treatment. It involves removal of the scar but it can also involve removal of skin that is developing these scars. This happens in a surgical removal and the scalp is then examined to understand possible cures for the future. 

  • Pressure Dressing 

Adding pressure to an area that is causing your keloids to grow and return can result in them being stopped at the size they are extended. The phenomenon is that pressure dressing reduces the blood flow to these areas and thus your keloid scars do not increase formally. Pressure dressings can include heavy earrings. Ear lobes are prone to keloid scars and if you wear heavy earrings, they can favorably reduce your scars from growing. 

  • Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment for keloids is easily bonded with other methods such as injections and surgical removal. The purpose of introducing lasers in the treatment is to reduce the height of keloid scars and also ensure that their color fades ideally. This process results in the good development of treatment for scars. 


Keloid scars are not cancerous or even dangerous. It is their development into something bad that troubles a person mentally. To ease them, you can undergo several treatment plans above. Mostly, your dermatologist or a skin expert can guide you towards betterment. But relieving pain can be distressing.

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