What is Bruce Lee isometric exercise? It’s one of the training protocols that Bruce Lee used to build his incredible power, speed and body.

Bruce Lee, no other name is more synonymous with Kung Fu or Martial Arts. Even though Bruce Lee has been dead now for 25 years people still ask the same questions. How did Bruce Lee train, what equipment did he use, and how did he employ isometric exercise.

Are you familiar with isometrics? Here is a brief history so you will better understand Bruce Lee isometric exercise. Let me begin by explaining what isometric exercise is.

“Isometric exercise is a muscle building exercise that involves a muscular contraction against resistance and requires no movement.”

That’s pretty much the textbook definition. Although I have not found a definitive answer on when isometrics was discovered, it is clear from most of my research that it was part of the early Chinese Martial Arts and Yoga.

In Tai Chi, you use a form of isometric contraction and since Bruce Lee’s father was a practitioner of Tai Chi and trained Bruce Lee in that art. It’s no wonder then, that he continued to use isometric exercise and improve his use of them.

It certainly amazing that even to this day people are still talking about Bruce Lee’s incredible body. In his day, no actor in all of Hollywood could offer up a physique quite like Bruce Lee’s. Certainly, until Arnold Schwarzenegger came upon the movie scene, it was not expected for a Hollywood actor to have that incredible muscularity.

Actors like Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rocky introduced America to a new type of action hero. No longer was it enough, to have a flat stomach. Now you needed to have rocksolid muscularity. Bruce Lee was certainly the pioneer in producing that kind of rocksolid look.

That type of razor cut muscularity that Bruce Lee had is indicative not only of his isometric exercise, but his diet as well. While Bruce certainly looked good. He definitely was not bodybuilder huge. He believed that the purpose of building muscle was to increase power, and your ability to direct that power towards a useful end. In other words, the purpose of working out was not to look good, but to be able to use it in the real world.

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