Does the vaginal opening in a virgin seem to be a bit too small? It will be difficult to get a finger in let alone a penis. Here is the answer to this question.

Remember that the vaginal opening does not have a size in one woman. It expands depending on how stress free and aroused the woman is. It also depends on the size of the object going inside it. The fact that you have not had vaginal intercourse before doesn’t mean that the size of the opening will change after the sex. Sex does not change the size of the vagina permanently. However it is to be remembered that the women who are not sexually active don’t have sexual healthcare so the data for this group is difficult to gather. We are also considering the women who still have hymens which are partly hiding the opening. This also tends to make the opening smaller. It is a possibility that the women who have previously had vaginal sex still have the partial hymens intact.

There just is no data available on the average size of the vaginal opening for women. This is so because it does not serve any practical purpose. And as clarified earlier, there isn’t any size limit. When there is nothing in it the opening is closed. Also remember that the size average size of the penis is about 5 inches and is softer as compared to the finger. The questions is, are you feeling pain while inserting the fingers and not feel it when aroused. That is the main focus here.

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