I have said many times that diseases, in as much as it is not a product of accidents or unwitting external or self poison, is a result of man not being able to come to terms with his conscience. This statement goes beyond one earth life in some cases, although in the present circumstances, with spiritual emergence in the shadow of the real pushing forward a quickened reward system for actions, it is more likely to occur more in one earth life. In this category is included most psychosomatic diseases, and diseases that may result from Pineal gland disorder. This has been captured in the book of revelations as sores being poured on mankind (Rev 16:10-11). Humanity is yet to feel the full impact of this scourge simply because the prophecy puts it at the time of pouring the vials of anger on earth As it is, we are in the midst of the last trumpet.

So much has been said about cancer, both as an artificial disease that Big Pharma encourages its spread because it is financially expedient for them, and also partly because of their allegiance to the New World Order program of depopulation. These conspiracies are not the object of this article.

It is on this premise that I hereby say that Cancer as being treated now with mostly chemotherapy is wrong. Chemotherapy focuses on the cancer cells, to reduce its growth through radiations. But the fundamental issue here is to understand the real origin of the disease, which is a malfunctioning liver. The restoration of the liver to health will automatically eliminate the possibility of cancer attacks. That is why natural fruits and herbs that detoxify the liver are effective for the so-called cancer treatment. A combination of herbs like Graviola, Carrots and others that alternative medicine practitioners may recommend focuses on the liver detoxification. These detoxification may take a longer time depending on the state of the liver, and the patient may be placed on only the herbal diet.

Unfortunately, the preponderance of genetically modified foods and our reliance on them makes it inevitable that these conditions will arise. Drugs for treatment of various diseases and general drug abuse also put pressure on the liver. That is why cancer is currently regarded as a lifestyle disease, a disease that is easily associated with the lifestyles of the high and mighty. But it has also permeated into the middle class.

Besides, cancer may also be as a result of a past life activities whose payment for necessitates hereditary weak liver. Even at that, so many factors will come in as regards cure.

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