Getting rid of man boobs requires not only that you change your diet so you lose body fat, but that you start exercising regularly. So if you’re going to work out to get rid of your man boobs, you should perform specific exercises that tighten, tone and melt away body fat.

One of the best exercises for getting rid of man boobs is the chest fly or butterfly. The chest fly can be performed in multiple ways with multiple types of equipment making it easy for those who don’t have access to professional weight lifting equipment.

The traditional and maybe the most well known chest fly is performed on the peck deck. This is the machine where you sit down on place your hands about a foot next to your shoulders and grab onto the handles. From there you press the handles together in front of you, contracting primarily your chest muscles. If you are doing it correctly, you will feel a squeeze across your chest.

If you don’t have the peck deck, chest flies can still be performed on a bench using weights. In this example you would lay flat on a bench and use dumbbells. By placing the dumbells in a bench press pose and performing the same movement as in the peck deck, you contract all the same muscles and especially the muscles that help to start getting rid of man boobs. If you don’t have any of the aforementioned equipment, get yourself some resistance bands. You can use them in the same way.

The chest fly or butterfly is by and far the most effective exercise for getting rid of man boobs. However, to use it most effectively, follow this important step: Be slow and deliberate, with a long hold in the middle of the lift.

When you do the exercise you only need to do anywhere from 2-4 sets of 6-10 reps, but it’s all about the timing. Instead of performing the reps at normal speed, count about 8 seconds for each contraction and when you reach the top of the exercise, hold the count for 2-3 seconds. If you are doing this correct there will be a great deal of burning in your chest, but it is the best kind of burn. Your muscles are filling with blood and helping to tone and burn away fat that covers up your pectoral muscles. This is by and far the best way to start getting rid of man boobs.

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