Are you about to buy an ergonomic chair and are considering whether you should include those customizable arm rests? Arm rests can see unimportant compared to an ergonomic keyboard, or mouse, just as priorities are usually higher for back support than arm support. So read on to explore its benefits.

In our deskbound jobs, we use our upper bodies more rigorously. For example, we are constantly moving or shoulders, hands and wrists when typing at our desk.

No matter how advanced your ergonomic workstation may be, the position in which you work (arms held across the desk as you type) is not neutral. Neutral position means when your body is default position, or natural position. For example, the neutral position for your arms is to hang downwards.

By stretching or laying your arms across your desk for hours at end, causes strain and stiffness to our shoulders and arms.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Arm Rest

1. It allows your arms and shoulders to be in a relaxed position.

2. It minimizes your tendency to make forceful movements.

3. Provides support to your arms to prevent tight shoulder muscles.

4. Helps maintain “neutral typing position”.

How to Choose The Right One For You

The principles of Ergonomics is all about fitting the workstation to the worker to make their movements at work as natural or as “neutral” as possible.

Therefore, when choosing arm rests, they should be adjustable in

1. Height

Arm rests that are too high causes ‘raised shoulders’, which is harmful in the long run. If they are too low, they will causes leaning.

2. Length

They should not prevent the workers from sitting close to the desk. They should also provide adequate coverage of support.

3. distance between arms of the chair

This is to be customized to the user, allowing comfort and spacious enough to get off the chair easily yet not slide and lean around when in the chair.

Which Type Do You Need?

See which one suits you better.

There is the mousing arm rest, which comes just in one piece, to support your mousing arm. It fits itself to the table.

There is also the Add-on type, where it adds padding and support to the existing arm rest of your chair.

Then we have the Extendable, Fully Adjustable type, which comes in a pair and you can adjust your arm rest to whatever height, distance you want. It even moves along with you as you are working.

Lastly, we have the Adjustable Ergonomic type with MousePad. Similar to the first one, the mousing type, which is also fixed to the table, the adjustable ergonomic type moves according to your mousing arm.

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