A bold statement, but that’s how much I love this exercise. Partly because I “made it up”, but mostly because it works! I call it the “medicine ball abs blaster” as it’s performed with a medicine ball (MB) and well …it “blasts your abs”. This is the best exercise for abs because it works the entire region (with the exception of the oblique’s). Anyway, rather than talking about how great it is, I’ll tell you exactly how to do it. You’ll need a workout partner for this by the way.

The Best Exercise For Abs – Technique Tips!

First things first, you want to select a medicine ball and lie on your back in a regular sit up position. Elevate the “MB” overhead and when you’re ready – while keeping the arms extended – sit upwards and let it roll off your fingertips and into the hands of your partner (who will be standing by your feet).

Briefly pause while you wait for your training partner to toss the medicine ball back into your hands. Remember, keep those arms extended! Lower your body back down to starting position at a controlled pace. At this point, you then elevate your legs upwards – while keeping them straight – and drive your feet upwards towards the ceiling while performing a “pelvic tilt”.

Lower them back down at a controlled speed and as soon as your heels touch the ground, crunch upwards and toss the “MB” back to your training partner. You’ll want to repeat this sequence for as many repetitions as you can.

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