There was a time when office chairs were static objects, and the word ergonomics probably never existed. Office chairs had no wheels, no swivel seat and no tilt mechanisms on them, literally all you could do is sit on them, in one position. If you were exceptionally important you may have been lucky enough to have a chair that had armrests on it. If your office chair didn’t suit your body type then unfortunately you were going to experience an uncomfortable time when you were sat at work.

Luckily though we’re in the ‘noughtties’ and office chairs have come on a long way, and the word ergonomics exists. There are three main advantages that even the most basic swivel chair has over it static forbearer:

  • Adjustability – In contrast to the static chair every swivel chair no matter how cheap has some degree of adjustability, whether it is automatically adjustable, or you have to get on your hands and knees to adjust the height, having that small amount of adjustability means that you will be able to set the chair up to suit your needs. Even on the most affordable of office chairs you will be able to adjust the back rest at least a couple of inches. This small amount of movement is all it takes to make sure that your lower back (lumbar as it is sometimes known) is properly supported.
  • Ease of Movement – Any office chairs with casters on them are going to be infinitely easier to move about. This doesn’t mean that you or your staff can become lazy and wheel themselves around the office. What it does mean is that when someone gets up from their desk there chair will not scrape across the floor. Having wheels on your office chairs will save you from the agonising sound of those chairs being dragged across the floor. Not only will it save your ears, it will also save you some cash in not having to replace worn areas of flooring.
  • Efficiency – Having all of your staff seated on swivel chairs could actually improve the efficiency of your office. Being able to swivel round and pick up a folder is a lot more time efficient than having to get up from your desk and getting the folder. Obviously this point does tie in with the fact they you need an office that is designed around the tasks that it need to be done in it, but this in combination with a swivel chair as opposed to a static chair will make your office more efficient.

As I mentioned at the start of this article; a static chair was designed to suit the ‘average’ person and if you aren’t Mr/Mrs average then those will be uncomfortable to sit on. Having an office that is correctly furnished is very important for staff moral and safety so don’t skimp on the chairs.

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