Maybe you are on a healing journey. Perhaps some of your friends are too, and others are staying where they have always been. Of course, that is their choice. And now you may look around you and hear others treat you the same way as the way you were before. But you have moved to a different place from where they are, and where you were together before, as friends or kindred spirit. So you may well ask what to do now or what happens with other people’s reactions when you change for the better?

Being in the industry where I help people change their lives for the better, here is a list of 7 situations that I have noticed. Yours may be similar in some way; it does not have to be exactly the same. The concept is pretty much the same in all of them, as is the simple solution suggested.

An overweight woman loses weight. She may have a few supportive and proud friends and family, but may suddenly find herself surrounded by some very jealous women who try entice her with sweets, chocolates, or fattening savoury foods.

An ex-smoker, proud and satisfied, gets to join healthy friends in sporting activities, walks, hikes, Yoga, and healthier lifestyle habits. Yet some still-smoker friends try to get you to join them in “just one”. This I believe is either because of envy or simply for them to satisfy the need for a companion smoker to share the moment with.

People who have had gender reassignment surgery may find that some family and old friends simply do not talk about it, as if it was not there.

People who are making more money than their friends may find themselves being asked for loans or being asked around more often for dinner parties and other occasions. But they are the same person inside. They have merely let go of negative beliefs about money and leaned good financial and work strategies.

People who have suddenly gone down with a serious yet under-the-skin disease, such as Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, a serious back injury where they have rehabilitated to be able to walk, or chronic fatigue, the may find friends and even family tell them it is “all in your head” and to “pull yourself together” or ask them to go on anti-depressants.

Ex-anorexics may be dumped by their previously supportive friends, because they are no longer thin enough. This may even drive a recovered anorexic back into anorexic eating.

People who have split from their ex-husband or ex-wife may find the people they considered best friends siding with their ex, and that friendship suddenly gone.

So what do you do if you find yourself in this situation? Having been there myself, I can only talk about my experience, and you can decide what to do. I found new, more supportive friends. And as I go through life’s increasingly joyous and abundant journey, I network and invite the Universe to send more people my way that are on my wavelength. It works. It worked when I was seriously ill (I could not even obtain life insurance). And it is working now that I am expanding my business, my finances, and my abundance emotionally, physically, in my relationships, and in sports.

All it takes is to open your energy for finding supportive people round you. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a really good tool to help you let go of the hurtful things people can do and say, and to open your mind to new friendships, new alliances, and new possibilities.

EFT involves bringing up the energy disruption of the limiting situation whilst using releasing acupressure to let it go. Then it can be used to help you with positive intentions to open up your energy to receiving a better situation.

One example is with using Positive EFT. If you are looking for “Supportive Friends”, start with the Heart and Soul protocol on your heart chakra. Then tap on each point as you say “Supportive Friends”. If any tears come, let them. Release all the pain and loneliness and lack of support. Keep tapping till you feel positive and calm. Repeat this every day for 4 weeks, and see what happens in your life. You may find yourself attracting more supportive people around you.

I hope this helps give you some idea on changing your energy to attract friends who can help you move forward.

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