“Save the environment, save life” is a very important saying that is on top of every human mind these days. Many people are going the green way with a key objective to prevent nature and save the environment from the harmful effects of various human activities. With so much of pollution and ecological imbalance the present situation has become threatening. The issues are now alarming even to the best of environmentalists who are constantly and rigorously in search of ways and methodologies to save the environment that is gradually taking its toll on human life. Therefore it has become very important to take significant steps and save life.

There are many factors that have contributed to the threatening effects of the environment. The most alarming among them are global warming, depletion of ozone layer, air pollution, and water pollution.

Global warming is a life-threatening problem the world is facing today. It is a condition when the temperature of the earth rises due to the action of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. The emission of these gases into the atmosphere traps heat and light from the sun that rises the temperature of the earth. Though the issue has become life-threatening there are significant ways we can reduce its harmful effects. The most measurable step is to switch over to fuel-efficient cars that produce comparatively less amount of carbon dioxide emissions. As carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global warming, a drastic reduction of its emission into the atmosphere will be of great help to environment as well as to human life. There are other ways as well like insulating home, car pooling, planting a tree, and using more of public transportation.

Depletion of ozone layer is another alarming issue for the environmentalists. Ozone is an important component in the atmosphere that protects human from the harmful ultra-violet rays. Sadly, human activities have caused ozone depletion which can be disastrous if not controlled now. The key factor causing this depletion is the increase in the level of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). In the stratosphere this compound breaks down to release a free chlorine atom that reacts with an ozone molecule to form chlorine monoxide and a molecule of oxygen. The resultant chlorine monoxide also reacts with ozone molecule to form a chlorine atom and two molecules of oxygen. The reaction keeps on repeating as and when a free chlorine atom is released. In the process amount of ozone in the stratosphere is drastically reduced which has become a serious concern. There are various ways to fight the issue like avoiding the use of aerosols, insulating home, and avoiding purchase of polystyrene products. It is also very important to keep a regular check of air-conditioner fitted in cars because any leakage in the coolant will release high amount of CFC.

Air pollution caused due to various human actions like smoking, forest destruction, excessive use of air-conditioners, and increasing reliability of private vehicles has considerably caused a serious threat to the environment. It is very significant to keep a control on the increasing pollution in order to save nature and life from the grip of destruction and disaster. To fight the problem the best ways are to use car pool or public transportation as much as possible, avoid both active and passive smoking, minimize the use of air-conditioner, stop the use of wood stoves, avoid purchase of formaldehyde products, remove asbestos if found anywhere at home, and make maximum use of energy-efficient appliances.

Water pollution is also increasing due to uncontrolled human activities. Air and water both are necessary for life and if polluted it will directly leave a distressing impact on human life. Take necessary steps to reduce water pollution by keeping a thorough check on the water supply. Do not dump or dispose any kind of chemical or toxic substance down the drain or in any kind of water body. There is also an urgency to do a periodic test or verification of the drinking water as it may contain bacteria, metals, and various other toxic chemicals.

Just one step ahead and you can save the environment, eventually save life on earth.

Its time for us all to wake up and take significant steps to Save the Environment.

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