If you have chinchillas as pets, you should be keen on practicing the appropriate chinchilla care. It was described that they have personalities somewhat alike with park squirrels and have a perky personality. These are one of those special pets who need special owners because these are not ideal for everyone. They’re not ideal for children because if they hold the chinchilla too tightly with their hands, the chinchilla will bite. It is important to be well-informed about the chinchilla before getting one so that you may be able to practice the right chinchilla care. Chinchillas are also great pets because they don’t really smell and may live for a long time.

A few of the reasons why one would want a chinchilla are it has soft lush fur, inquisitive personality, no objectionable noises, and low-maintenance nature. However, they may be high-strung, do not like humid atmosphere, and have short attention spans. Chinchillas may be found in different colors and came from the Andes Mountains of South America. Some characteristics of the chinchillas are that they may live for 12-20 years, have a long pregnancy period (111 days), their distant cousins are the guinea pigs, and can’t live in a hot atmosphere of 78 degrees. It is important to not only important to know why you want one but also where to get one.

When it comes to chinchilla care, it is important to consider the size of their cage, food, health welfare, and other hygiene needs. Chinchillas should have a dust bath twice a week. Chinchillas who are allowed to run around the household might end up chewing on things they shouldn’t like cardboard boxes, and ledge shelves. This is why it is important to get them the appropriate solid cage with the right utilities like a drinking and food supply area which should be cleaned every two days.

Just like any special pets, chinchillas are great to take care of. It is therefore important to do a lot of research before getting your own chinchilla. Remember to keep them at home in their cages so that you can avoid having some of your things damaged if ever they get out of their cages. It is therefore important to consider your welfare as well as theirs.

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