Ergonomics is a scientific area of study that involves a method of creating or designing a work environment that matches the movement of the human body in order to make a safer, more productive work environment. If the research findings of ergonomics is executed in the most effective way in an office environment, it can eliminate or reduce dramatically most instances of stress and muscular strain.

Ergonomics in a simpler form is the art of making a working environment more comfortable and practical for the people who has to use the space. In doing so, it can help to reduce stress and lower the rate of injuries on the job. Injuries such as muscle strain, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bad posture are often caused by inadequate working accommodations and repetitive motions associated with various task oriented duties. Other factors related to employee on the job injuries can result from the general office layout, which is usually designed for the companies’ needs and not the employee.

Ergonomics can be extremely helpful in product design and services. It can help to define how a product of service can be used in more efficient and productive ways especially when it comes to levels of comfort. When people are in a comfortable environment, they are much more productive because they can relax and focus on the task at hand.

Some office furniture is now designed and marketed as ergonomically suitable for employees. A company can purchase ergonomically influenced chairs, desks, carpet, file cabinets, foot warmers, foot rests, computers, computer graphic workstations, office equipment, office supplies, office doors, office windows and more.

Creating a cost effective, ergonomic environment is advantageous to everyone. It promotes better health and wellness in employees and lowers the rate of absenteeism for employers. It is true that when people are comfortable and happy, they generally come to work on time and perform much better at their jobs.

The use of ergonomics is a smart idea whose time has come. A healthy work environment promotes productivity which increases a company’s revenues. Making workers more comfortable and eliminating health issues that can be controlled is definitely a financial savings from a health insurance stand point as well.

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