Laboratory tests and on-site tests are two basic types of oral drug tests. Having an oral drug test can detect both past and present uses in various substances. These can include cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, and amphetamines. When you have an oral drug test done, they are classified as a five-panel or ten-panel drug test. These are put into two classifications it indicates the number of substances each panel will test for. How long of a time frame the test can detect drug usage will depend on the drug. The majority of substances are test for use within the past two or three days. This test is preferred over other methods because the oral one makes it harder to manipulate the results to get a negative reading that is false. This is administered by a technician but is screened by a professional.

Laboratory oral drug test

This test is preferred for any situation that requires verification of possible drug use over a longer time period. This test uses the person’s saliva for the test. It is then sent to a testing facility to be processed, which can take at least seven days. The laboratory-analyzed test can screen for a larger variety of drugs. They are used more commonly for pre-employment screenings. It allows the potential employer to verify past and present drug usage.

On-site oral drug test

This sort a test will allow the tester to get immediate results using the saliva specimen, which is collected in the same way as the laboratory-analyzed test. This test is ideal for any situation that requires an instant reading. This type of drug test is used by:

• On-the-job randomized testing
• Spot tests for parents who want to verify if their child is doing drugs
• Employers to check immediately for drug usage if they have had an on-the-job accident to see if drugs were a contributing factor in the cause of the accident

The on-site drug test can also be used to detect recent usage of alcohol.

How sample is taken

The instrument that they use to collect the saliva sample looks like a toothbrush. In place of the bristles there is a pad, which is placed between your gum and cheek. It stays in position for approximately two minutes so the pad is saturated with your saliva.

Make sure that if you are doing drugs and have recently quit or stopped that it is going to take more than one day for any traces to be out of your system. In order to pass such a test, the best advice is not to do drugs at all. Most prospective employers today will require the new employee undergo the test before offering employment.

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