Oprah recently featured Dr. Oz and several people with obsessive-compulsive disorders, or OCD’s, and their trip to “OCD Boot Camp,” where they spent 72-hours facing their fears and learning to overcome their programmed-responses to those fears and worries. In just 72-hours, amazing changes are made by people who had suffered with fear, worry, and anxiety for years. The OCD Boot Camp method featured on Oprah is just one of the ways compulsive disorders can be successfully addressed; and though the Boot Camp method can work wonders in just 72-hours, there’s another method – EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – that can sometimes produce the same results in as few as two or three-minutes!

OCD is caused by underlying emotional issues that surface in a variety of learned behaviors – behaviors designed to soothe, tranquilize, or eliminate the anxiety, or protect oneself from the source of the worry. Among these behaviors are the many habits and rituals people develop to make sure the lights and stove are turned-off, or the doors are locked, or any of a long list of things to worry about. Other behaviors, such as overeating, smoking, drinking, or using prescription and non-prescription drugs, are intended to sedate, tranquilize, or distract us from our fears and worries. Anti-anxiety medication is a common approach that is believed to be a potentially dangerous option that is not much more effective than placebos.

EFT is designed to interrupt the signal causing the behavior rather than attempting to chemically alter or modify cellular expression and behavior with drugs or other chemicals. Initially, simply performing the EFT process interrupts the stress response and allows for a calmer, more rational approach to any situation. Sometimes, simply doing one-round of the basic EFT process is enough to collapse the underlying emotional complex causing the unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; “One-minute Wonders,” as those one-round resolutions are sometimes called, are frequent enough to have a nickname. Often, however, this initial round of EFT is only partially effective, or temporarily effective. Complete, lasting success is common; it simply takes more than one-round in many cases.

EFT is worth learning; and, if you suffer with OCD or depression, you should seriously consider the astonishing success rates being achieved with EFT – not just by physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, and other clinical practitioners, but by individuals like you and me who have learned to use EFT to reclaim their own health, happiness, and quality of life. There are so many free resources available you can practically learn anything you need to know about EFT at no cost. Of course, it is likely that you’ll achieve better results with a trained and experienced practitioner, or after having learned EFT from someone who uses and teaches it for a living; but EFT is EFT – you are just as likely to get the results you want as anyone else. Anyone can quickly, easily, and inexpensively learn to use EFT to solve many problems on their own. Check-out any free resources you can find online; and then, if you still can’t get rid of your problem on your own, it’s getting easier and easier to find someone who can help you.

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