New Nurse Staffing Ratio Laws: Healthcare MSP May Offer Solution

According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), “Appropriate nurse staffing is critical to the delivery of safe, quality care that impacts patient care outcomes. Nursing is an essential component of comprehensive healthcare. Staffing impacts the ability of a nurse to deliver safe, quality care at every practice level and in all practice settings. Because the delivery of nursing care is a multifaceted process, the determination of appropriate nurse staffing is complex. The solution is not as simple as increasing the number of nurses beyond what is minimally necessary.”

Nurse staffing solutions are important for health care. It affects the quality and delivery of cost-effective health care. Nursing staffing can be affected by certain requirements such as:

  • Licensure
  • Experience with the population being served
  • Level of experience (i.e., novice to expert)
  • Competency with technology and clinical interventions
  • Professional certification
  • Educational preparation
  • Language capabilities
  • Organizational experience

Nurse Staffing Solutions: Travel Nursing

Travel nurses are some of the med staffing solutions that can be adapted. Travel nurses are certified nurses that can work around the world and interim. Place of work can be at medical clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities. They also do great work for nurse staffing solutions as they fill gaps for shortages in nurses.

They can be hired through nurse staffing companies or agencies rather than through hospitals. This is why they can travel almost anywhere, even to other countries or alternate nations. They can be sources for nearby hospitals that need short-term nurses.

Some benefits of working as a travel nurse include traveling and visiting new places, new practice settings and partnerships. There is also a good salary and benefits. Unlike fixed nurse posts, pay for travel nurses are not based on tenure, experience or seniority.

Travel Nursing Specialties

Health care covers a big field of tasks and that is why there are specialty areas in travel nursing. As a travel nurse, you will be able to gain many experiences that can help you settle on a specialty. Here are some specialties inĀ  travel nursing:

  1. PCU Travel Nursing Jobs

This specialty focuses on patients that need close observation and evaluation. They would need less than patients under ICU care. It would even be that a patients’ need would not need emergency care but would still need more than normal medical attention than in a regular hospital. That is when a patient would be placed in PCU care.

Travel nurses working under PCU care would be given up to 15 percent more than a regular nurse’s salary. This is one of the benefits and advantages of being a PCU travel nurse.

  1. Home Health Travel Nurses

As the name applies, travel nurses take care of patients that are in their own homes. They continue to provide assistance for those who are ailing but are approved to rest at home. Travel nurses can provide first aid, direct meds, take care of catheters, do lab work, instruct family members. They would also have the professional choice to call a doctor or even send the patient to the hospital. Travel nurses can handle patients of all ages and of any medical conditions.

  1. Certified Travel Nurse Midwife

These travel nurses are focused on assisting pregnant women during their pregnancy term, labor, and during post birth. They can also assist in easing and managing pain while in labor, giving immediate attention to newborn infants, or directing mothers on breastfeeding. They will be helping with the mother’s physical, medical, and psychosocial needs. Extra services given by travel nurses can be giving preventative wellbeing and contraception training.

  1. Critical Care Travel Nurse

Critical Care Nurses are also called ICU nurses. They are in charge of caring for patients that have complex and severe conditions that need critical care. Many patients in critical care need continuous monitoring for oxygenation support or are getting IV prescribed drips.

Travel nurses in ICU also coordinate with the critical care team. They monitor each patient closely to help them recover.

  1. Travel Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are travel nurses with wide experience for giving intense care to many patients. They can be similar to doctors as they do physical tests, request prescriptions, refer patients to specialists. They are also involved in observing and monitoring medical conditions of patients.

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