Noni soap is made from the fruit of the noni plant, Morinda citrifolia L. While noni products such as noni juice have gained notoriety for their internal health benefits, topical applications of noni should not be overlooked. If you struggle with eczema, acne or other skin irritations, noni soap may represent a natural treatment for relief.

What Can Noni Soap Do For My Skin?

The noni plant has analgesic (pain killing), anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components which may assist the body in the restoration of healthy skin cells. Noni has been shown to increase cellular repair and regeneration, as well as assist the body in improved cleansing and elimination of toxins which may prohibit healthy skin.

Furthermore, research has shown that the seeds of the noni fruit are especially rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid which is a powerful ally for skin hydration and health. Aside from preventing dry skin, such fatty acids also counteract skin trauma, allowing the skin to rejuvenate. Taken together, the constituents of noni make soap made from the fruit and seeds of the plant a smart choice to try if you suffer from skin eruptions and rough, irritated skin.

What Other Ingredients Are Added to Noni Soap?

The additional ingredients which are added to soap made from vary depending on the producer. Smart choices to look for include: noni leaf-infused olive oil, soy oil or coconut oil – all of which are known to assist the skin through hydration and rejuvenation.

Buy noni soap infused with essential oils to add an additional layer of healing benefits and aromatherapy to your daily cleanse. Essential oils to try include: peppermint oil(energizing), rosemary and lavender oil (exfoliating/calming), lemon oil(uplifting), plumeria (comforting) or ginger and papaya (refreshing/healing.) Aside from leaving a pleasant smell on your skin, each of these ingredients combines with noni to create a uniquely suited cleansing experience which your skin will love.

Where Can I Find Organic Noni Soap?

Since some pesticides have been known to irritate the skin, the best soap is made from organic ingredients. The best place to find organic noni soap is from small, USDA certified producers. (They also have the best prices!) Look for companies who make soap which is cold processed (to best retain noni’s healing components), and who are committed to the production of the highest quality noni products, using only the finest, purest ingredients.

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