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These days when we are all looking to stay safe by staying indoors because of the global pandemic COVID-19, a lot of us are adding some extra weight here and there because most gyms are closed or because the risk of being in close quarters in the gym with so many people sweating and breathing hard is quite simply not worth taking.

Also, having your private gym in your home for yourself and your friends and family, all factors considered is more cost-effective because you get to save up money, not having to pay a gym subscription fee that in some cases are cut-throat.

If you are looking to create your home gym for any of the reasons mentioned above or any other, in today’s post we shall be taking a look at some basic but yet effective, and essential workout machines and equipment you should consider investing in that will help you keep fit and lose weight while staying indoors and staying safe. Likewise, if you’d like to read reviews and find the best customer recommendations available online you should go to sites like ReviewsBird to find out the favourite brands of other customers like you in the UK.

Here are essential workout machines that are a must-have!

The Treadmill

If you are a workout enthusiast, then you most likely should know the benefits of a good cardio workout especially by running a few km outdoor or indoor. Whether you are an athlete or you are just looking to stay in shape, a great cardio (cardiovascular) exercise has a lot of health benefits that will improve your physical and mental well-being. These benefits include; burning of unhealthy calories, stimulating secretion of feel-good hormones to boost mental health, improve muscle conditioning, help make the heart stronger, and so many others.

Purchasing a treadmill for your home gym from the best sport/fitness brand will ensure that you can enjoy running at your own pace without having to leave the comfort of your home and, you and your family/friends can reap the benefits of regular cardiovascular fitness. If you will like to invest in the best, ineffective treadmills or other outdoor or indoor sports merchandise, online retail stores like Sport and Leisure UK offer the best products to fitness buffs and starters like you. When you click on the above link to read a review of the company.

Indoor Stationary Bikes

Taking a ride down Nostalgia Street on your bicycle, do you remember how care-free and happy you were when you could just enjoy racing your friends on your bicycle? You must likely didn’t know then that biking is also another great form of cardio workout that is very effective in keeping your heart pumping and your muscles well-toned, the best fitness equipment companies offer various types of stationary bikes that are equipped with the latest technology that should make your workout more intense, fun, and safe. Indoor stationary bikes are a must-have for private home gyms because of the many ways they benefit your health and help you take keeping fit to the next level.

An Elliptical Machine

One of the most popular gym machines gym owners choose to equip their gym with because it helps make working out easier and it engages the upper and lower body for a high-intensity, high-reward gym session. With the latest and more advanced elliptical machines, you can easily keep track of important information like heart rate, speed, calories burnt, and distance covered because they are fitted with sensors that help to track these indices during your workout.

Though some of these machines cost more than a pretty penny, there are online stores and fitness brands that offer high-end elliptical machines that should fit your budget.


Dumbbells are another essential home gym equipment and arguably the most popular gym equipment because they are very versatile as they help build various muscle groups in the body especially the arms, chest, and legs and also helps to strengthen the body’s core. The best dumbbells to invest in are the hex-head dumbbells because they’re safer to use and store away after use.

To reiterate, the importance of exercise and keeping fit during these unprecedented times can’t be overemphasized, so, investing in the above essential workout equipment for your home gym is a wonderful idea. If you don’t have access to a personal trainer, you can check out videos available online that will assist you to work out the right way.