Are you familiar with the man named Mathew Michael “Matt” Murdock? He is the alter ego of the marvel comic book superhero Daredevil. He has a disability, particularly in his sense of sight. When he was a kid, a chemical caused him to become blind. Despite his lack of sight he became a lawyer and a good one on that. Yes he has superpowers to compensate for his visual disability. His special ability is like a sonar, or that of a bat which uses sound to see objects even in the dark. Possibly a more real life example is Reggie Miller, a former Indiana Pacers All-Star shooting guard in the NBA (National Basketball Association), who has a habit of making buzzer beating shots. His success story is an inspiring one, born with polio that almost crippled him, but was able to conquer adversities and became an outstanding professional basketball player. Reggie wrote a book titled “I love being the enemy”, but his real enemy when growing up was polio. In real life a large percentage of people are born with disabilities everyday, most of them would surrender upon facing it. However there are those that would not allow it to hinder in living a normal life. Some of those who have it were able to pass the test, and they are even more successful compared to their normal counterparts. What are these disabilities that could indeed reduce one’s confidence in living a normal life?

Losing a limb

It is normal for you to think that this could only affect the physical aspect of a human being, but you would be wrong if you think like that. In most cases the phantom pain which is a mental aspect is hard to overcome than losing a limb. It could last years or even a lifetime if untreated.

Visual Disability

Virtually blindness is the most recognized disability around the world. Medical science is finding a way to solve this centuries old problem. Schools and special facilities are built to help those who do not have the ability to see to live a normal life.

The sound of silence

This is perhaps the most unseen type of disability, and most likely unrecognized also. Unlike a cripple or blind, deafness doesn’t have that many benefits, due to the fact that anyone could post a deaf just to claim the benefit? Unless you are mute which is usually associated with the lack of auditory functions, people would think you are normal.

Disability could take many forms. Examples are our fear and anxiety, though they don’t belong to the list but they are very capable of crippling one’s worth in the society. We cannot completely ignore fear because it is normal to feel it once in a while, but having to fear something in an extreme would be in a different category. Rely on your self for it is the only constant ally we got to overcome fear.

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