If you are wondering how to perform the jelq exercise for natural penis enlargement, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll describe the entire jelq exercise in 5 steps.

1. The Warm Up. Take a towel and soak it in hot water. Wring it out and wrap it around your penis for 3-5 minutes. Make sure the towel is not too hot, just hot enough that you can tolerate it.

2. Get Erect. The next step to the jelq exercise is getting erect, but there is a catch here. You do not want to get fully erect. Only go for about a 50-60% erection. This is important for the exercise to work. A full erection will be much too hard and difficult, while the flacid state will be too soft and ineffective. Shoot for a semi-erect state.

3. Lubricate. Important step. Lubricate your penis thoroughly. This will prevent any redness from occurring. Simply use your favorite lubricant and lube it up.

4. Exercise. This is the actual exercise. Starting at the base of your penis, use your thumb and forefinger (joined together forming a circle or “OK” sign) and slowly massage upwards to the head. Repeat again with the other hand. You are now officially “jelqing.” Most routines and programs require 100-300 reps, recommending to start out with 50-100 and eventually working your way up to higher reps.

5. The Cool Down. The cool down is basically the same as the warm up. A hot towel wrapped around the penis for 3-5 minutes. This encourages recovery and growth to occur.

These are essentially the steps for jelqing. It is still recommended you follow a good routine or program which will show more effective exercises, and how to get the quickest results possible.

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