The popularity of isometric exercise books has been increasing lately. In fact, John Peterson, author of Isometrics Power Revolution has made a living writing isometrics exercise books. Read this article and learn why Iso exercise books alone, may not be the answer to your strength training and fitness goals.

When you think of isometric exercise books you may be tempted to think of the famous Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension Course. While Mr. Atlas utilized isometrics as part of his training program, the dynamic tension course was a combination of body weight and iso-exercises (isometrics are commonly referred to as “Iso or Iso’s”). Personally, I have found isometric exercisers to be more effective than freehand Iso’s. Some individuals like, Mr. John Peterson have stated that isometric exercisers don’t work because of “retroforce.”

In all my extensive research I have not found any evidence, in medical journals or scientific studies about the validity of the claim of “retroforce.” The fact of the matter is that isometric exercise equipment IS more effective than any freehand exercises that you could find in an isometric exercise book.

I do believe that isometrics free hand exercises have their place. Perhaps, you are driving or you are sitting at your desk at work. Well, if you’re driving focus on the road not on building your muscles. And if you’re going to exercise or do isometrics at your desk you can still easily take your isometrics exerciser with you.

Most isometrics books will cost you as much as an Iso-Exerciser. Most of these books will cost you about $30.00. On the other hand, a good quality Iso-exerciser will run you just under $50. With many of these companies you get the added benefit that they will often include with the “static contraction exerciser,” (as they are sometimes referred to as) a free hand isometric training program.

So for the price of one good isometrics exercise book, you get two tools to help you accomplish your strength training and bodybuilding goals.

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