As the newest and certainly smallest addition to Festool’s Li-Ion drill platform, the CXS 10.8Vcordless drill driver is one of the most impressive, if not earnestly the greatest compact drill to release in a long time. With a surplus of features that can be found on no tool but a Festool, the CXS boasts, among other distinguishing points, Festool’s FastFix chuck system, incomparable ergonomics, a weight of only 2-lbs, and the overall precision technology to render your colleagues amazed and your competition, well, embarrassed.

To begin with the FastFix chuck system, to optimize the CXS’s overall performance and compatibility, Festool has incorporated a removable, interchangeable chuck system. In fact, the drill has three different task-specific chucks: the Centrotec chuck, a keyless chuck, and a right angle attachment. These chucks are tool-less and can be removed and replaced within only a small handful of seconds and, as you’d assume, they enhance the drill’s capabilities in just about every imaginable circumstance.

The Centrotec chuck is extremely compact and lightweight to provide both comfort and accessibility in tight-space environments. This chuck also allows users to change bits extremely easily and quickly with no more than the push of a button. The keyless chuck uses a ratcheting action to ensure your bits don’t slip or become loose while working, and the right angle attachment provides a 90-degree working angle allowing users to work in the most awkward spaces or tightest corners. The angle chuck also has a 360-degree swivel with 16 individual locking positions, and can be combined with the Centrotec and keyless chuck for a greater functionality. Users may also insert a (1/4″ hex shank) bit directly into the right angle attachment.

As if the interchangeable chuck system wasn’t quite enough, operators may opt to use no chuck at all and may simply stick a (1/4″ hex shank) bit directly into the end of the drill. This means you really need no chuck at all and have unparallelled access to and functionality in the most awkward or close-quarter environments.

Festool’s CXS also boasts a unique battery design that eliminates the standard bulky handle and, although the drill is essentially too light to cause too much discomfort, this design ensures optimal user comfort under working stress and strain. The drill is additionally designed for ambidextrous use rendering it comfortable for both righties and lefties. The drill is perfectly ergonomic and with ideal balance and uncommon lightweight, the tool feels just like a tremendously functional extension of yourself.

The battery is long-lasting and fast-charging and built with the technology to ensure users glean the best, most efficient power for the longest possible amount of time. The charger is also designed with Festool’s advanced Li-Ion technology to ensure it communicates fluidly with the battery and can deliver just the right amount of charge and a little nurturing TLC, too. Transfering a complete charge in just about 30-minutes and including two (cross-tool compatible) batteries, the CXS system allows you to work continuously and comfortably ensuring the most exceptional working results.

On top of that, the tool has the same general features as many other compact drill drivers, but what separates the Festool CXS from the those of other manufacturers, is its superior attention to every single detail. From a performance that can not be rivaled, powerful out-put and professional results, to ergonomic comfort that can not be contested or replicated and the tool’s overall technical excellence which prevents wear and ensures smooth longevity, the 564274 drill driver is just a better tool than, essentially, any other in its class.

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