Congratulations on finding this article. I have spent a lot of time trying out many different ways to detoxify the body, and am hoping all of you can learn off of my different experiences, as some were good, and some were bad. Many people want to detoxify their bodies from harmful toxins, waste, and other buildup the can cause disease, as well as take away from our natural energy, but they don’t know where to start.

Since there is such a high demand for detoxifying, like anything else, there are also a ton of products. Because of this we have foot detox baths, colon detox solutions, home detox solutions, etc., but how do we find which one is best to use?

This was a hard task to find which products to use, but after a lot of research my conclusions are below:

First we have to look at how our bodies work. Our bodies are made of “intricate software”, and regardless of your beliefs, you have to admit that what the body and mind can achieve are truly amazing. I have seen first hand how many people have cured themselves and detoxified themselves through building up their immune system, and letting their body fight off any toxins and diseases. Also, one needs to note, that without normal colonic irrigations, this will not be fully affective. We will get into colonic irrigations and colon hydrotherapy later, but for now, we must know that our body has a great detoxifier already in the liver, and that our immune system, if we are healthy enough, can cure many things.

So, when looking to detoxify, first we want to make sure that we are eating the right foods, and doing the right amount of exercise. Only after this can we start to detox our bodies, and start to live our new lives. I HIGHLY suggest buying the book, Raw Vegetable Juices by N.W Walker, which gives great information on using juicers to detoxify and other great dieting information. Walker wrote this book in the 1930’s, and was very knowledgeable on healthy living, he died in 1985, at the age of 99 in his sleep, with no known diseases of mind or body!

Ionic Foot Detox Baths

After you know what diet to have and exercises to perform, you can start looking into detoxifying methods. First, let’s look at foot detox baths. Summed up, you put water into a basin or tub, and put what’s called an array into the water. The array is an electrical unit that creates negative and positive ions in the water, and helps detoxify you. The array is attached to the main component that is plugged into the wall. You turn on the device, pick settings that fit your needs, and wait 30 minutes. Normally it will take the water from a clear color to a very dark colorful waste, from all of the toxins in your body.

Should you buy one? YES

You can do online research yourself to see what others say about this process, but instead of looking at blogs (like this), look at reviews, and see what the majority of people say. This is new technology and as with all new and alternative medicine, it gets many bad critic remarks. Just check out the reviews and make up your mind from there.

Colon Cleansing through Tea

The next subject we are going to look at is colon cleansing via herbal teas and remedies. These processes normally use non-harmful herbs that detoxify the colon in a way similar to a laxative. They are normally gentler, and longer of a process compared to laxatives. I have used Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea, and have had friends that tried Chiro-Klenz and other solutions. My friends and I both noticed that we did have more than normal bowel movements, and all lost a little bit of weight, and felt better after the treatment.

Should you buy it? NO

Though these tea’s and solutions may make one’s bowels move more frequently, and loose some weight, I have found it more rewarding to use the detoxifying methods of N. Walker’s books of juicing to detox the body, added to a colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy.

Best way to detox

From my personal research and finding’s, it seems like the best way all together to detox your body is to get normal colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy to clear out the colon, and then to try a raw fruit and vegetable diet, in addition to the use of juices. This should make you feel the best, and will not only detoxify you, but also rebuild your body so that your immune system will be working even better to fight anything off. Using an ionic foot detox bath would also be helpful to remove toxins in addition to the juicing, irrigation, and diet.

As with anything talk to your healthcare practitioner and see what solutions are best for you. It is suggested though to see one that deals with holistic health or alternative medicine.

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