Whilst many prefer to stay in bed and snooze that button, there are advantages to waking up early. It is a challenge for anyone who cannot sleep early. And although for a small minority of people, mornings are not their best time and they should be sleeping through till late, for most of us who start work in the morning, there are advantages, and there are ways how.

Let us list some advantages first:

You can have relaxing time before you set off for work. Aiming to get to work 30 minutes before you are due to start is always a good habit, as problems with traffic or anything that happens on the way may delay you, and so you can arrive on time despite any hiccups along the way. If you are part of a loving couple, you can enjoy a special cuddle in the morning, cementing your relationship further. or you can go and enjoy a sport – anything from the gym to a morning walk to a 5-minute Yoga morning routine. If a meditator or tapper, you can do your meditation or tapping in the morning as soon as you wake up. Or you can simply enjoy watching the dawn evolve as you hear life outside slowly awakening.

To be able to wake up early, you of course need to sleep early enough. This depends on your day, so for example, if every Tuesday evening, you have a personal trainer or a Yoga class or a Reiki share, and you only then get home for 10 pm, then you will need to go to bed almost straight away. This takes some planning. For example, being able to have your supper early somehow. Most people generally agree it is not ideal to eat a heavy meal just before going to sleep.

So, how can we go to sleep earlier?

I like using EFT. Short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as Tapping, EFT can help you to relax into sleep. Tapping for “I happily go to bed at 10 pm” for example, can help release any objections of your subconscious mind. You may have to do this for a few weeks for the full effect to take place, but it takes only minutes, so it is easy to do. For some, sleep is always a problem, due to getting up frequently as a light sleeper. This is also where EFT can help. EFT can release the stuck energy imprints left in your mind-body from negative events that you probably think you have dealt with and are no longer affecting you. However, their cumulative effect may still be lurking in your mind-body, causing lighter and lighter sleep. Nutrition is also important, and it is good to consult an experienced functional nutritionist to ensure that any nutritional needs for sleep are being addressed. For the EFT in this case, it is good to use an experienced EFT Practitioner, so that sleep can be safe for you to waft into at night with more ease.

I hope this helps to inspire you. In short, I think a combination of lifestyle habits, EFT (Tapping), and the right nutrition for your body can open up a whole new joy of mornings for you. Life is to be enjoyed.

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