What is the difference between stress and depression? How do we know if we have them? What are the signs of stress and depression? What should we do if do have either of them?

Stress and depression are very similar to each other. Long term stress may lead to depression. Similarity of stress and depressions are:-

1) Change of sleeping patterns – difficulty to sleep or a need to sleep too much
2) Mood swings – feeling angry, nervous, helpless
3) Crying frequently
4) Lack of energy – always feeling tired, restless
5) Change of eating patterns – either loss of appetite or non-stop eating

Depression is more serious compared to stress. You can’t help feeling helpless and worthless. You can’t control the negative feelings, no matter how hard you try. The unbearable empty feeling, as if you throw a rock into the well, you can’t hear it reach the bottom. Serious depression can lead to suicidal attempt if left untreated.

Get help if you find yourself in these situations. By reducing the stress, it may not lead to depression. Below are some tips to reduce stress:-

a) Relax – take things easy. Do not feel uptight when problems arise.
b) Prioritize – planning your time ahead. You will feel in control if you are well organized.
c) Talk things out – do not keep everything to yourself. You will feel better after saying it out.
d) Take up a hobby – doing things you love will help to relax your mind.
e) Focus Out – reaching out to people will help you forget your problems.

There are many other ways to reduce stress. If you do not handle it well, it may affect your health. You may end up having anxiety disorders. Have not heard of it before? Have you ever felt dizzy, heart pumping rapidly, not feeling connected to your surroundings out of the sudden? You may be having anxiety attack and you are not aware of it.

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