Homeopathic Remedy for Tinnitus is an instant and effective way of treating tinnitus. The remedy to use usually depends on the physical condition caused by the symptom.

You can opt to take 6C remedies three times a day for two weeks to treat tinnitus. Such as:

1. Take Salicylic acidum if you have a deafening sound in your ears with some hearing loss.

2. If feel like there’s water clogging up in your ears with a tingling sensation, Carbonium sulphuratum is a good option.

3. Take Chininum sulphuricum if the sound you hear is a buzzing hum.

4. If it’s mere ringing sound and nothing else, take Kali iodatum.

5. In case infection occurs; take #X of Hydrastis every four or six hours.

6. When there’s involvement of hypertension, depression or piercing pain, take 3X-30X of Aurum.

There are a lot more homeopathic remedies for tinnitus depending on what accompanies it:

Calcarea carbonica: when accompanied by vertigo. You feel cold, you get tired easily, crave sweets and anxious when sick.
Carbo vegetabilis: during flu, vertigo or nausea. Could get worse in the evenings as you will feel chilly and faint. You might crave for fresh air.
China (a.k.a. Cinchona officinalis): you feel touchy, weak and edgy and sensitive to noise. Usually taken after vomiting, perspiration, diarrhea and other ways states that would make you lose body fluids.
Chininum sulphuricum: the buzzing in the ear is already extremely loud and there’s high possibility of vertigo or chills.
Cimicifuga: painful muscle tension in the neck and back. The mood shifts from energetic and talkative to depressed other indications are headaches, and menstrual problems for women.
Coffee cruda: when person is excitable and extremely sensitive hearing in the back portion of the head. they could be insomniac and experience menstrual overstimulation.
Graphites: the sounds in the ears are almost as loud as gunshots. may be experiencing constipation, easily distracted, and cracking skin eruptions.
Kali carbonicum: cracking noises and itch in the ear part. They might feel stomach anxiety.
• Lycopodium: Sound seems to echo in the ears. have a tendency of infections with discharge, chronic digestive problems or complaints in the unitary tract.
Natrum salicylium: ringing in the ears is low and dull. When tinnitus and tiredness occur after an influenza or at the same time with Meniere’s disease.
Salicylicum acidum: With flu and Meniere’s disease could be indications. Also, when tinnitus had too much aspirin.

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