Tinnitus is a disheartening problem with numerous causes. Whatever the origin, if there is no permanent damage to the inner ear, it can often be addressed with homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a medical paradigm that has been used throughout the world for the last two centuries. And it’s making a striking come back in the U.S. Homeopathy was once considered one of the mainstays of medical care in the U.S. This is not so in Europe, India and South America where approximately 40% of medical doctors are homeopaths.

Although homeopathy can often resolve tinnitus, it doesn’t treat the illness; rather it treats the person. This means that since each person has different symptoms and different causes, they will receive different remedies. So, for example, if tinnitus is a result of an ear infection, the person might receive Silica. If, instead, another suffers from tinnitus when their sinuses act up, the remedy given could be Kali bichromium.

For example, Jason had ringing in his ears for the past 10 years. He was a rock musician, so was frequently around loud music. He recalls a particular job he played where the amplifier close to him not only caused his ears to ring as usual, but to throb with pain, as well. Ever since then, he has had ringing that worsens and causes pain when exposed to loud noises. After calling a homeopath and starting the remedy, he found that the pain was greatly reduced. The ringing remained, but it didn’t seem to bother him as much. After a few more months of homeopathic remedies, the ringing was often unnoticeable. Although his tinnitus wasn’t completely resolved, he was pleased.

Nancy has suffered with sinus allergies and tinnitus most of her adult life. After working with a homeopath for two months, not only was the ringing in her ears relieved, but her sinus headaches and chronic post nasal drip were no longer an issue. The remedy stimulated her body to bring the pathology to resolution.

Homeopathy is gentle, reliable and inexpensive and will never interfere with any other medications. It gently nudges the person’s ability to heal themselves when given the homeopathic stimulus. It is medicine that offers quality care and is a considered and rational choice for relief from tinnitus.

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