Haworth is one of the most well-known office furniture companies and is headquartered in Michigan. The Zody is one of their most adjustable and ergonomic task chairs and is enjoying success due in part to its many adjustable features, which include:

4-D Adjustable Arms – The Zody is available with 4-dimensional arms which can be moved up and down, forward and backward, in and out, and they also pivot in and out. This allows the user to place them in the exact spot where arm support is needed, and easily move them out of the way or to another location for performing another task.

Lumbar and Pelvic Support – Many ergonomic task chairs have lumbar support, but Haworth takes this one step further with the Zody. The lumbar support is fully adjustable and can be moved up and down and also adjusted in depth independently on the left and right sides! The Zody’s lumbar support is truly one of the most innovative on the market.

Below the lumbar support is a passive pelvic support which helps keep the user sitting with proper posture.

Forward Tilt – The Zody is available with a forward tilt option. This tilts the chair forward a few degrees to allow for focused computing/typing sessions. The forward tilt encourages the user to be alert and attentive.

Adjustable Recline – Want to lock the chair upright? No problem! Want to be able to adjust how far the chair can recline based on your preferences? That’s no problem, either! Unlike some chairs which feature an “all or nothing” recline where the chair is either locked or in free float mode, the Zody allows you to adjust the range of motion.

Knee-tilt Recline – The pivot point for the Zody’s recline is near the knee. This means that when you recline, the knees stay at the same height and the feet can stay flat on the floor, and the chair reclines from the knees. This is better than a normal recline where the chair rocks backward on its center point and your knees come up as your butt goes down. With the Zody, you can keep your feet flat on the floor during the recline which means you can actually work from a comfortable reclined position.

Seat Slider – The seat slides forward and backward allowing the chair to be set to the correct depth for users of different heights.

In addition to all of these, the Zody is available in a variety of fabrics and color options with everything from a mesh back to a leather cover available.

With all of these features, it’s easy to see why the Zody is such a successful office task chair.

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