Reading the Book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby, I came across an explanation of a concept called Guiding Stars. This was originally the work of Silvia Hartmann in her book The Advanced Patterns of EFT, and reading the explanation in the Matrix book, I understood what was meant in the original explanation by Silvia Hartmann. Let me explain it to you, illustrating with experiences from myself and my clients.

Basically, a Guiding Star is a perfect moment of bliss that we have experienced in life that we try to re-create over and over again in the hope of achieving that blissful feeling again. Since the conditions in which the original moment cannot be duplicated exactly again on later occasions, the person trying to recreate them continues to try, often in a way that is not necessarily constructive or conducive to their happiness.

For example, when I started treating my weight issue, I became aware that certain foods cooked in certain way reminded me of good times with loved ones and that I ate them not due to hunger but in an attempt to re-create that special moment. There was a boyfriend I had whom I loved very much, and the love was reciprocated fully. However, we knew that our relationship was not to last, due to our career commitments at the time, and that was OK. Every Sunday morning, we would have fried eggs and bacon together, often with fried bread. And when I embarked on my weight loss journey, I found out that I was trying to re-create those special loving moments by cooking a full fried breakfast any morning I wanted more attention from my spouse. After tapping on it with EFT, I no longer was attracted to the big fried breakfasts that I ate in those days. Now I can truly enjoy time with my spouse without the need to cook such a kilo-joule rich breakfast.

Another example, given by Karl in Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, is very typical of some clients I see. His Guiding Star, his own special moment of bliss, was on a beach during a particular holiday, which he had kept trying to re-create. And when he realized what it was, he worked on it and stopped travelling in search for that special feeling, finding it within himself at last, where it had always been. I really am so glad to have read this, because I know many people keep travelling on expensive holidays to exotic locations, going without work for months on end and returning home to a life of virtual poverty as a result. Some are lucky enough to afford this lifestyle, which is great financially. However, they still suffer by missing out on opportunities for settling down with a partner, family, and career that they would like to have, since they keep travelling to exotic remote beaches instead. I usually wait for the appropriate moment to tell them that the happiness they seek is within. It is beautiful when they reach that peace and can finally get on with their lives, more happy and fulfilled.

These two examples I have given in this article are the two most common that I experience with clients. One involves a food or drink, the other involves a holiday to an exotic place. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an excellent method of releasing the need to continually re-create that Guiding Star and find true contentment and deep inner peace.

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