Long and thick eyelashes are undoubtedly an envy of many, but only few of us have natural thick lashes. There are beauty products like eye lash extensions and curlers that help you create the desired look. However, regular use of these products isn’t recommended since they tend to cause infection/irritation overtime if you don’t follow a proper beauty routine.

Bid adieu to eyelash extensions:

Eye lash extensions require the use of glue and curlers that have their fair share of chemicals. Instead of resorting to these products for long lashes, opt for serums that are specifically designed to help with eyelash growth. These serums are effective, affordable and easy to apply. Purchase an organic product with minimal chemicals for best results.

How to choose a serum?

  • Shortlist serums: Serums are available at pharmacies, supermarkets, online stores, beauty shops etc. Check out online reviews, talk to your doctor regarding effectiveness of prescription serums.
  • Ingredients present:  Go through the ingredients and make sure it contains vitamins, minerals and no artificial coverings. Avoid opting for products that are loaded with chemicals.
  • Compare prices: The serum price ranges between $8 and $20 while the luxury brands cost up to $100. Opt for whichever suits your lifestyle better.

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Serum usage instructions:

Run a skin test before applying the serum directly onto your lashes. Apply it on your cheek/ forearm/ neck to check if there is an allergic reaction. If you don’t notice any skin irritation for 24 hours, you can use it on your lashes.

Pick an application tool you are comfortable. Generally, serums come with a brush or wand applicator. Brush lets you apply the product on to the root of the lashes while the mascara is helpful to coat both upper and lower lashes right from the tip to the roots. Opt for a brush for thorough application in each root or mascara if you want to apply it easily on the go.

  • Wash your face using gentle cleanser and wipe off oil and make-up. If you are using contacts, it is recommended to remove them.
  • Using the applicator sweep the serum onto upper and lower lash line
  • Remove excess serum using tissue

If you notice signs of infection, contact your doctor right away and stop using the serum. Prevent eyelash loss by consuming a balanced diet and refrain from using eye-make for at least 48 hours to revive your eyelashes. Try to minimize the amount of chemicals that come into contact with eyelash. Use a baby shampoo or mild cleanser to remove makeup.

Ditch those extensions and curlers. Increase the density of your lashes naturally. Invest in a good-quality, organic serum to aid eyelash growth in a matter of weeks.