According to the National Institute of Health in 2006 approximately 1500 people die each day in the United States due to cancer and about 3400 people are diagnosed with cancer each day. Sadly these stats have only grown higher in the past two years. Cancer and cancer related forums have been a large hub for people to communicate within. These forums allow you to speak about your disease, worries, questions, etc. As well as receive tips and advice from other members of the forum. The communities on these forums are very closely knit, some of the people on the forums are dealing with the disease right now in the present and some have dealt with it in the past. Either way, these forums are a spectacular place to join up and talk to some like minded people about cancer and other related diseases such as:

Breast Cancer, ovarian, choriocarcinoma
Colon Cancer, Pancreas and Liver
Kidney Cancer, bladder, prostate
Hodgkin Lymphoma
Bone Cancer, brain, carcinoid, thyroid
Stomach Cancer

The categories in which these cancers are available in on these forums varies in several different categories such as common cancers, cancers in women, cancers in men, blood and lymphatic system cancers, skin, digestive, urinary, etc. Even if you have a really rare cancer, chances are someone on these forums has it or had as well. The forums aren’t just a few small groups of people. Thousands upon thousands of people join these sites, looking for the same support, as you are looking for.

Sometime during your disease you may feel completely alone and scared. But this isn’t something you have to deal with on your own, take a look at the forums below to find a community that you can participate in:

– Cancer Forums Net: This is a forum for members to introduce themselves. It is not a place to get advice or support for a specific cancer type

– Friends In Need: Support for breast cancer survivors of all ages, tips, information, chat, message board and list serve Email discussion

– National Breast Cancer Org: Get Answers. Meet Survivors. Free Breast Cancer Discussion Forum

– Cure Zone: This website is designed for people with cancer that would like to use alternative medicinal procedures as well as homeopathic “medicines” to slow down or stop the disease as well as different symptoms that cancer or chemotherapy can bring

– ACSCSN: The official American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors Network

– Cancer Compass: From diet and exercise to mobility concerns, our online cancer forum is full of resources and feedback about ways to improve quality of life

You can also find forums with your specific disease such as Breast, Oral, Prostate, etc. Simply go to your favorite search engine and enter in the terms.

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