The place where you work has a great impact on your working style, on your capability to focus on a task in hand and your overall ability to be creative and productive. Which means the interior of your work place, whether it is at home or at a company’s environment, is certainly of prime importance. This isn’t just about psychology, but it is about producing better results and getting your things done in a better way. In fact, it has been proved that a well-designed and properly set up office and computer tables can add up to extra 20% of an individual’s productivity. But still many people have an ignorant attitude towards these facts and consider them to be the things of least importance.

The most significant part in our work place is our computer table or desk where we sit for an elongated period and execute our tasks. The below mentioned points will enable you to create a healthy and happy working environment.

  1. Right position of Mouse and Keyboard: If maintaining a natural posture, your keyboard and mouse should be placed in such a way that your elbows remain to your sides, and your elbow lies below a 90-degree angle so that the muscle load is reduced preventing a sprain. The keyboard should always be placed above your thighs to at least one or two inches. You can prefer a pull out tray and adjust it accordingly. Both your mouse and your keyboard should be shoulder distance from you.
  2. Correct Posture While Operating: The first thing before we tell you about the perfect and right posture, you need to analyze your natural posture. Because after you find out what your favorable posture is, only then will you be able to work on improvising it. Now the right posture while working on your computer is your head should be parallel to the screen of your computer, your back should be straight, and the distance between your screen and yourself should be minimum two feet.
  3. Lighten Up The Area: Make sure the area in which you place your computer should have a natural light so that the artificial light of computer does not harm your eyesight. Scientifically the light on your desk should preferably come from the left side to make your work more efficient. And if you sit to work at night, the light of the room should be more than the light coming from your computer.
  4. Ideal Storage Space: The Ideal computer table is the one that provides you with the sufficient area in the form of shelves and drawers to keep your essentials. If you have a printer, then the table should be spacious enough to provide you with an area to keep it. If you are in a habit to make a to-do list then, you can search for a computer table where in you can put up a small bulletin board so that you can pin your list up.
  5. Establish Zones: After you get a computer table establish zones for the permanent placement of your essentials. Like where you will exactly place your computer, keyboard and mouse. Then the location where you will place your pen stand and glass of water. You should ensure that the glass of water is placed towards your right-hand side and printer to your left for their easy access. You need to establish zones like repetitive reach and occasional reach. In repetitive reach zone you can place the items which are frequently used while in the occasional reach zone, you need to place the essentials that you require once in a while. This will enable you to arrange that place in a terrific way while enabling you to work efficiently.

And in this fast moving and hectic life schedules, none has the sufficient time to go places in search for the table that best fits into the list of required computer table. So for that, you can take out five to ten minutes of your time and browse among the availability of computer tables online. There you can get endless varieties and designs to choose from and get the ideal deal.

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