Sometimes, unfortunately, neighbours can be difficult. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help.

When we have difficult neighbours, it can affect every area of our lives, interfering with sleep, with our normal day to day living and even can overflow into work. When we use EFT tapping to help with difficult neighbours, first we address the stress and tension, both the chronic stress if it’s been going on for a long time, and the acute stress of yet another incident.

When doing EFT tapping for any stressful situation, we first address how we are feeling right now on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being not stressed at all and 10 being as stressed as we could possibly be. People are often amazed at how quickly stress can be released with a couple of rounds of tapping.

Unfortunately, having difficult neighbours is not just stressful: it’s frustrating, can often be a terrible worry and we can sometimes feel really angry and powerless, as if they have all the power and we have none. They don’t keep to the normal rules and seem to take advantage of the fact that we do and wouldn’t behave badly towards someone else, no matter how tempted.

Wouldn’t it feel so good to take your power back, feel in control of your emotions and find positive solutions to what feels right now like an insurmountable problem?

One of the many benefits of EFT is that it can be used freely as a self help tool, to help you be in control of your emotions, rather than other people. EFT can be used for day to day issues to help you sail through life. However, to help clear out the major issues and the big problems, it’s often positive to get the help of a skilled practitioner. A practitioner is not part of the situation, so is not emotionally involved and can therefore help you to arrive at a balanced, peaceful place quickly, without becoming stuck.

Having dealt with the current emotions, EFT can help clear out the old emotions, still present from previous acute phases of difficult neighbour behaviour. When neighbours are difficult, there is often a pattern to it, resulting in “armed truce”, followed by acute irritation, following which the cycle begins again. Resentment from their old behaviour can ruin even the less difficult times. Anxiety and being constantly alert for the next incident can be exhausting. EFT tapping, with the help of a practitioner when appropriate, can really help you return to a relaxed peaceful state in which you can think clearly and coherently.

In addition, EFT on the “what ifs” can also help to reduce general anxiety, live in the present moment and prepare for if there is another incident.

In this way EFT tapping can help you deal with difficult neighbours, release stress about them and generally reduce the likelihood of feeling powerless in the future.

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