The facility aims at providing the appropriate environment where he will be required to stay for his long-term rehabilitation. The services of a team of counselors and supervisors are made available to him so that a 24 hours care is guaranteed to the abuser during his data abuse recovery plan. The students are required to communicate well with his environment for the success of the drug abuse rehab program. At the same time, he should be able to feel free with others in the facility, who are going through the similar condition in their life.

This raises his perception and his capability to handle his environment and become more self- disciplined to control his life. He communicates with others and mutually helps each other during the exercises and various other activities designed for them in their curriculum. The responsibility given to him makes him more confident in handling his own problems of his life and controlling the craving for the substance. He learns what is expected of him during the program and how he can easily demonstrate his behavior to grasp them more effectively.

He is provided guidelines so that he is able to spot the difference between a responsible behavior and its influence on his environment and his anti-social behavior which was more irresponsible and evil to the society as a whole. Upon completion of the drug abuse rehab course, he becomes less susceptible to those you have the ability to influence him and revert him back to drugs.

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