To be on the safer side of treatment for ringing in ears, one needs to know the exact causes of the problem.  If the problem springs from the partial impediment to the incoming sound waves into the ear, the inner vacuum creates broken or regular buzzing, shrieking, echoing sounds, which reverberate with equal intensity as the outward sounds which the patient fails to hear.  A severe injury to the cerebrum after you bumped your head against something hard impairs the nervous responses coming from the brain to the ears.  Besides cramps in the neck, muscular hypertrophy may also be the causes of the problem.

There are three kinds of treatment for ringing in ears (medically known as tinnitus) presently in vogue:

One is the natural cure, which includes substances generally available at home or easily available in the market like garlic, honey, turmeric powder, etc.  These are applied in different ways.  Some people use garlic extract obtained by boiling it in mustard oil and putting one or two drops when cooled down in both the ears with a great benefit. Garlic is known to dissolve the clots.  When the root cause is injury, a teaspoon of turmeric power is taken orally with milk.  Its healing properties have been known since the times immemorial.

The second kind of treatment for ringing in ears is homeopathic.  Remedies like Arnica and natrum sulph. are given alternatively when there is acute problem caused by injury to the cerebrum.  Kali bichromicum in low potency with Silica as a biochemic preparation are given alternatively if the cause of the problem is sinusitis.  The former erodes the thick and dry mucous along the sinus lines and the latter expels the mucous in lumps.  There is a lot of expectoration of blackish or greenish mucous.  Homeopathy deals with the problem both on the basis of causes and symptoms of the disease.  However, if such a treatment fails, then a qualified homeopath tries to prescribe the remedies on the basis of mental symptoms alone. Homeopathic remedies are given in minute doses composed of weak dilutions.

The third kind of treatment is given by your physician, which may include cleansing of ears with a pressure pump, antibiotics or surgery depending upon the nature and causes of tinnitus.

The first two kinds of treatment for ringing in ears are safe with no side effects.  However, the third kind of treatment may have visible side effects as the treatment carries some mechanical process and also strong drugs. 

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