When you experience sudden ear ringing in one or both ears that condition is referred to as tinnitus. People have suffered from tinnitus regardless of age and sex for generations. The sound you can hear range from soft continuous hissing to loud whistling in your ears. Almost everybody have experienced sudden ear ringing once in a while that can last for a few minutes then gone away, while others can last longer. There are people who suffers much of this condition that even their sleeping patterns have been affected and interrupted. Sudden ear ringing can be so stressful and disturbing to some individuals because it can hamper their normal activities from time to time.

There are many reasons why an individual suffers sudden ear ringing, it might be a cause of an ear problem or an indication to a more serious health conditions in your body. Most of the time the ringing sound is not permanent but can only last for about few minutes up to two days. Wax or dirt build up in the ear canal may also cause tinnitus and is very dangerous to take out those dirt in your ear though some over the counter wash from local drugstores can greatly help the ear canal gently and safely. You may not know exactly what are the root causes of sudden ear ringing but an ear infection can be one of those.

Sometimes there are prescribed over the counter drugs that can cause sudden ear ringing and can lead to hearing loss or permanent tinnitus. Large doses of medicines like salicylate analgesics (aspirin), naproxen sodium (Naprosyn, Aleve), ibuprofen, other non steroidal anti inflammatory, amino glycoside antibiotics and oral contraceptives. Those medications for digestive problems may also cause ringing in your ear if given in high doses. Taking medication for an ear infection like using ototoxic antibiotics can contribute tinnitus that is why asking the help of a health practitioner is advised. The best way to lessen the noise is to reduce the dosage of those mentioned medications and to avoid further damage.

Ear noises starts when you incur ear infections and sudden automobile accidents. Some automobile crash victims have reported sudden incident of ringing in their ears after experiencing a traumatic head injury. Dental procedures may cause sudden ear ringing like difficult tooth extraction or an ultrasonic cleaning. Usually these procedures produce loud noise near the ear that is ringing in your ear can be felt after few minutes they are done. You can wear ear protection gear especially when you are near in loud scanning machines like MRI’s and CAT’s. If you have experienced whistling or buzzing sound already avoid further damage to your ear by staying away from these noise.

Sudden ear ringing is normal to happen especially when you are exposed to loud noise. For most people who have experienced ringing in their ears they have to check their personal lifestyle as well like constant monitor on blood pressure and sugar level, eating the right types of food and daily exercise to prevent the onset of a more serious health problem. While tinnitus is not a disease that you can fear about yet the proper way how to deal with is is necessary because it can make great disturbance to your daily activities most especially when you are resting at night. You just have to ignore sudden ear ringing noise and learn to live with it by avoiding instances of loud noise or music near you.

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